One Night Sleepover Trip Came to YG Entertainment

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One Night Sleepover Trip Came to YG Entertainment - One Night Sleepover Trip Ep. 1 comes to YG entertainment as Martha`s family`s wish. The reality shows is MCing by Jongmin and Sangmin. They comes to YG entertainment with the family without knowing what will happen to them and Martha`s family. Even the person who called by Jongmin doesn`t have any authority in YG Entertainment.

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In the way to YG Entertainment, they are so nervous. While driving, Sangmin and Jongmin introduced Korea to that Italian`s family. Martha`s family seems so happy to see YG entertainment while dreaming BIGBANG n the bulding welcomed them.

Then Martha`s family enter YG entertainment happily while wishing to meet BIGBANG. They are approching BIGBANG`s poster in the building while crying as feel touched by the reality. Here you guys can watch the full video.

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