YG will have " YG Family World Tour "

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YG will have " YG Family World Tour " - YG stan have a good news about YG family artists. An MTN Korea Article Spoke About The ‘YG FAMILY World Tour’ news tell that YG Entertainment will have YG Family World Tour. And the tour is expected will be on 2nd half this year. And The concert will mainly focus on WINNER, iKON and BLACKPINK.

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 It seems along waited YG Family Concert will be held soon. We hope all families are gather to make YG Family Concert more and more meaningfull for YG stan. Such as 2NE1, althought they have disbanded, we hope we will see their stage on YG Family World Tour. Because 2NE1 is still in Blackjack`s heart.

 We always waiting for seing YG family interaction, because we know that family is always have a good interaction, and we have to know that. YG stan really hope to see YG artists sunbaenim and dongsaeng interaction and singing together on the stage. Smile each other also joking each other. Their interactions are meaningful to us.

What`s your hope for YG Family World Tour guys? Leave your comment bellow.

Source : http://bit.ly/2qZ6KBV

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