iKON 3rd Anniversary Message for iKONIC

iKON 3rd Anniversary Message for iKONIC


3 years... It was such a long also short period of times. Everyone has worked hard for all the years. Please keep watching over us in future too. I will surely repay you with all my heart - B.I

3 years!! Because of iKONIC who were there with us for all those years, we can grow up beautifully. As much as you have always protect us we will protect you. Keep watching over us iKON iKONIC - Kim Jinhwan (Sexy Jinan)
iKONICS, it is already 3 years! Really thankful for this and I love you! For 10 years, for 20 years, for the lifetime, let’s be together forever..! - Jung Chanwoo
3 years already!Thank you for always be there next to us. Let’s make sure to be happy in future! I love you - Kim Donghyuk
We really did it for long time slowly right. Now we are here already... Let’s go for more slowly and steadily also beautifully for a long time - Bobby
It was 3 years of eventful, right? In future too let’s love everyone! -Koo Junhoe

iKONICS~It has been 3 years. 3 years since we started the love between us. Till 30 years 300 years let’s continue our beautiful love~ I love you!! -Song Yunhyeong

Trans By : @syh_bae

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