[Full Video + HQ Photos] iKON on MMA 2018 Red Carpet

Trans By K8indaeyo, Bynhyuk
Q. What stages do u have ready today?
A. Today, it is a really big stage so we have a couple things ready. all our songs are farwell songs overall, so we tried to put some dramatic orchestra feels in it.
Q. Is there a member that has a special dream for after 10 years?
A. Yun: personally i think Jinhwan will be the owner of a store.
jinhwan: I don’t know what, but i wish to be called ‘sajangnim’(boss) in the future
MC: Did you dream of being the elementary schooler's representative when you debuted?
Hanbin: Even before debut! I have a younger sister so I wanted to do something for her, and Love Scenario did just that.
Donghyuk: It's such an honor for us to be here at the Melon Music Awards, especially on their 10th year anniversary.
MC: What were you doing 10 years ago?
B.I: 10 years ago, embarrassingly, I showed my face for the first time in Indian Boy but right now I am iKON's B.I and in 10 years from now, I will still be iKON's B.I
MC: What stage did you prepare for today?
Hanbin: It's been a while since we've been on a stage as big as this so we prepared a lot of things but as we have a song about farewells, we prepared a dramatic orchestra performance.

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