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Hi, let others know about iKON's facts according to iKONICS. Write down bellow fun facts about iKON members. You can write facts about 1 person or 2, or all of them. As you wish

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7 Responses to "iKON facts from iKONICS"

  1. They act like themselves even on stage? Though sometimes on variety shows they work hard to be funny(donee and connie said so. So it's not 100% legit)

  2. I get shock when watch B.i and june at life bar show at TvN.cos b.i can drink alchohol.and june dont like sing a love scenario cos that is not his style.

  3. iKON is the best, their stage presence is no joke. Songwriter B.I always producing good quality music that easy to be accepted and relatable.Lots of love for iKON and iKONICS💕

  4. first time i know their existence is just by their music Love Scenario but its only temporary because the song is catchy and at that time im not really into them. but then i start to know them more through iKON TV. they are so funny there and after that i start to find more about them esp WIN, M&M, Life Bar, radio talk and manymore! i dont know they are that funny and i regret for stanning them a bit late. i also get to know that what rumors they are getting, and how haters called them flop and what-so-ever. but because of the heartless haters, it make me want to stay with them even more, thanks to the haters. their songs also good and their b-side is no joke. their live performance is the best with singing live and visual omg i cant get enough with it ;D. i hope i can stay as an iKONIC until the end because i have been stanning so many groups and this is the first group that i stan without other's recommend. which is i found it myself. fighting iKON! fighting iKONIC! ahhh btw, after a long time become an ikonic(actually not that long), i still dont know who is my bias wrecker because all of them has their own charm and i cant choose one xD.

    1. ahh im sorry it turn out to be my experience instead of their fact

    2. it doesn't matter, thankyou for your respons :*

  5. My iKON facts are iKONs concert is super hype even though you are just watching them on videos and they are the first kpop group that i liked and they are the realest group ever!!!!!


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