Hanbin on V Today Article : Idols who have highest incomes from song royalties

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From G-Dragon (Big Bang) to B.I (iKON), there are some idol/producer who are so rich off royalties that they can live their whole life doing nothing

In an idol group, each member has a particular field that they stand out such as dancing, singing, acting, etc. In particular, the members who have the excellent abilities to compose and write music are often called "composing idols". If the song written by a "composing idol" receives affection from the public, copyright fees will obviously rise. Here are the music world's typical "composing idols", who are "pocketing" higher and higher royalties each year.

◆ B.I (iKON)

"Love Scenario" - the song that helped iKON join the line-up of superstars in the domestic music market - was composed by B.I. The male singer engaged in composing music and writing lyrics for the group's debut song "MyType". Like Woozi, he has recently been promoted to an official member of the Korea Music Copyright Association. With a total of 39 tracks with copyright registration, B.I confessed, "My royalties per month is equivalent to the cost of two imported cars. However, this amount of money is not fixed every month."

[OSEN = Reporter Ha Soo Jung] /hsjssu@osen.co.kr
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