iKON - Introduction of Someone Else on Japan TV

(Trans by : @Junbobranika)

Bobby about Junhoe: “i think i gave off the free spirited vibe around everyone but the one who really a free spirit is, Junhoe. He really have the mind who wants to be free. He also likes to drink a lot so I really hope he can take care of his health too, And, I honestly think that he’s really cool and he have a great body. I wish to have a good body like him too, so please expect for it. That has been, Junhoe”

(Trans by : @Konyskonic)

Jinan to Hanbin
hanbin doesn't sleep when it's time to sleep & sleeps when it's not.. he's working so hard like that. so, please love him.

Hanbin to Jinan
kim jinhwan who is small, cute, lovely, likes drinking, big-hearted?(not sure), has a mole under his eye

June to Yunhyeong
(How dare he called him 'koitsu' 😱)
Yunhyeong is learning Japanese language a lot even while in Korea, but once they are in Japan, he ends up not being able to speak Japanese.

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