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Junhoe reasons for not changing the panty even after 6 years had passed:
"What can I do if the colour fades? I've worn it for too long ofc the colour will change. It's very white, ofc it'll fade."

bro what?? Okay bro.

The captions are there while he's talking about the faded panty which he still had in possession for 6 years ever since trainee days (exposed by Yunhyeong)

caption pic 1: 'emotion in Junhoe's 6 years faded panty'
caption pic 2: (after he explained)
'pls don't misunderstand'

👌🏻 https://t.co/8z6njbir3P

Yunhyeong mentioned that "everyone will skip Junhoe's panty (in terms of sharing underwear) for this very reason which he doesn't change his panty (he has only old underwear instead of new ones)"

Koo Junhoe 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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iKON Donghyuk, “I am a sexy guy”

Donghyuk said his biggest charm is his THIGH

Bobby: Why your thigh is so thick?
Donghyuk: Because of dance..

Donghyuk has thickest thigh among iKON 61cm

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Junhoe: Members should just be cool though it’s okay to wear each other’s Yunhyeong: But it isn’t okay to wear Junhoe’s!
Hanbin: There’s strong individuality you can get from Junhoe’s underwear
Yunhyeong: Also... HAHAHA
Donghyuk: I know what you want to talk about

Members: HAHAHA

Junhoe: Don’t say that don’t don’t
Yunhyeong: I will filter the story~
YH: Junhoe the most diligent in saving money among iKON!
MCs: This is a good story
YH: He still wear the same underwear from our trainee days (6 years ago)
JN: I wash it everyday!

Junhoe: As I always wash it so the color got faded,,what can I do???!
Donghyuk: He share the story by himself
Junhoe: (Wanna wear it untill all color vanishes) Don’t misunderstand it!
Yunhyeong: Because my heart hurts looking at that underwear I secretly threw it away~

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iKON’s Mess of Underwears
They are always together even endup bought similar underwears. One time Hanbin was about to undo his pants in dorm and Jinhwan spotted his underwear wore by hanbin lol that’s big reason why Yunhyeong wrote his name on his.

Jinhwan: Is that yours? That’s mine!
Hanbin: This is mine~~!
Also Hanbin: Is this yours hyung? Okay

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Bobby: He always come just to eat in our (downstairs) dorm. He had his hamburger and just go without even greet us.
Junhoe: I thought he was sleepwalking
Yunhyeong: reason is.. I want to hear sound of breathing of downstairs members
All: ??!! What the...
Yunhyeong: There’s 3 members living upstairs but it literally just 2. Hanbin always at studio working till late. And Chanwoo always in his room playing games
Chanwoo:Funny thing is whenever I want to eat I always go to Yunhyeong’s room btw his door is always locked
Yunhyeong: When did I?
MC: Why you lock your door?
Junhoe: I did say something about his level is different before right? Don’t you see the puzzle is match?
Yunhyeong: The reason is.. (to Junhoe) You don’t say such weird thing!
Junhoe: I didn’t 🤪
YH: The door actually broke down
MC: Wait.. He likes.. He lock his door.. The story keeps adding up..
Yunhyeong: *Froze*
Members: HAHAHA explain!!
Hanbin: You being like this makes everything even weirder
MC: You should say something
MC: Why you did so?
Yunhyeong: No. The door got locked because it breaks down
Yunhyeong: Because of my love to the members, I actually brought 2 hamburgers to eat with them but I ended up had it all by myself
Donghyuk: Normally we are noisy downstairs but that day we are all sleeping already
Junhoe:The story didnt add up though~
Yunhyeong:It’s true though!
Junhoe:One time I told you I want to eat the fries but you told me to get lost!
Yunhyeong: When I did that!!!!!
Junhoe: He said he wanted to hear our breathing sound and partner to eat...

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Bobby upset about something when he returned dorm after winning SMTM3
Donghyuk:Honestly we really watched d show but as he won n received congratulatory from many ppl, his schedule got pushed back. as we waited for him,we felt asleep.We really feel sorry
Chanwoo: That time, I still new joining them practice and not that close yet everyone was sleeping and I was waiting for him alone and congratulate him
Bobby: Did you? I don’t remember at all
CW: I congratulated him for the win he wasn’t completely sober he said yah thank you
MC:What was you dream reaction that night?
Bobby: I didn’t have one just normally the kids are there so just when I enter dorm then they shower me with ‘congratulations’ I must be wanting to hear that.But it’s fine
Yunhyeong:We are really sorry
Jinhwan:He must be feel so upset😭
MC: Here we gonna fulfill that wish
*Bobby won SMTM*
*Bobby be back at dorm*
Members: CONGRATULATIONS~~ You’ve worked so hard~
Jinhwan: I should have been staying awake that night though. Honestly I thought you’d lose that must be the reason I slept that time

Chanwoo: I really did wait for you at that time. I even sent the text vote (SMTM3) for you without anyone knowing
Bobby: *touched* WOW

MC: Did you satisfied with this Bobby?
Bobby: Awww I am so happy😆

Cutie! Our Precious Champion!

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