iKON on The Fact Music Award

Date : April, 24th
Time : 07 PM Kst
Red carpet : 5PM Kst

Red Carpet
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Hanbin Gives a Hint for iKON's next Album
Trans by : vospoires

MC: iKON! Love Scenario was really the craze. B.I-ssi, aren’t you the brain of iKON? Can we be expecting a Love Scenario 2.0?
HB: uhhh... I think LS 2.0 could be a little impractical... we are planning to comeback with a different style.
MC: Since you are the composer, could you just give us some hint?
HB: Well we did a lot of sad songs last year, so we want to dance this year. We’ll be going with a dance song.
MC: So I see it’s going to be a bright and dance song. That’s great!

iKON Won Artist of The Year
Artist of the year criteria are 40% Soundtrack Score, and 60% is Judge score.

And here is iKON's speach. Trans by : ikonicshawool, 

Hanbin: Get Ready Showtime! Hi we are AOTY iKON.*
Chanwoo: First, it's an honour to receive such a huge award like AOTY. Thanks a lot to the staffs and manager hyungs that have been helping at unseen places. Before all these, our iKONICs! 
Chanwoo: Always thank you as the first place. As getting such a great award, 2019 we iKON will work hard as well.

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