190502 iKON Fanmeeting 2019 in Kobe Day 2

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Trans by : ikonistype

Q: Did you sleep early ytd?
Bobby: Quite, I watched some animations when I got back to hotel after dinner
Hanbin: Ah! You’re ‘otaku’!!
BB: This should be my line, you’re otaku!!
HB: You watch anime too!!
BB: I watch anime but I don’t buy their goods!! So you’re the real otaku~

*** otaku - a guy who stays home all time

Trans by : mindyourownbznz

After the fanmeeting yesterday,
June: Went to a hot spring with manager
Yunhyeong & Jinan: Went drinking, each drank 2 glasses of beer
Bobby & Chanu: Went out to eat
Dong: Vlive
Dong, Hanbin, June: Went to eat at Ikinari Steak
Hanbin ate a 300 g steak

Today's batsu game victim is Chanu.
June: Chanu stayed at the hotel all by himself, I wonder what he was doing! It's suspicious!
Hearing that, everyone made a ruckus, dancing and making noises like elementary school kids.

MC was asking Donghyuk, "So how was it today?"
But June piped in, "Yes, today was really fun!!!!"
The way he spoke up and his intonation sounded really excited.

Team's division:
A team: Jinan, Dong, June
Team name: The peace-symbol pigeon that Dong-chan killed (June came up with the name)

B team: Bobby, Yun, BI, Chanu
Team name: Small/flat assed Yunhyeong

At first Dong didn't understand his team's name, but he LOLed when June explained

Trans by : Hinazashi

During the corner where they have to say bad things about a member of the losing team (Chanwoo)

June: What are you doing holed up in the hotel by yourself?! It's really suspicious!!

After he said this the other members went crazy for some reason.


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