190521 Hanbin on CH+ : We’re shooting for our MV? Who said that?

Trans by (@JChanw00_ on Twitter)

Hanbin: Changing my hairstyle is just for a fresh look and for preparation since we have to do our comeback soon anyways.

Hanbin: We’re shooting for our MV? Who said that?

Hanbin: How’s my diet going? Firstly, it’s not that great but i stopped eating late night snacks since i always eat night snacks and also did some exercising. I also managed to lose some weights.

Fan: Are the members quite healthy these days?
Hanbin: the members are quite healthy...i don’t really know but i’m healthy too.

Fan: What’s your fav late night snack?
Hanbin: There’s a lot but ofc ramen is the best.

Fan: You look like Einstein.
Hanbin: Me? Ha....einstein’s quite cool too.

Hanbin: I was quite shy to upload the dance practice video onto my own SNS which is why I’ve only uploaded it on konic zone & ch+.

Hanbin: Oh jinhwan hyung hasn’t done it yet(relay vlive)? I’m sure he’ll do it soon. I’ll let him know later today about it.

Hanbin: If bling bling comes on again during fanmeets/concerts, you guys should jump along to the beat of the song like what you did during the fanmeeting. It was nice to see ikonics jumping up and down during the fanmeeting especially when Bling Bling came on.

Hanbin: The japanese fanmeeting is always fun. I get quite frustrated sometimes because I cant say smth. Junhoe & Jinhwan are good at japanese, so they can talk in japanese. I understand what they say but it gets hard to say something because i’m not as good as them in japanese.

Hanbin: The game ideas during the japanese fanmeeting are very new and fun.

Hanbin: (comment about the agreement he made with Yunhyeong). Ah....i have to do that of course...we’ll probably go eat some meat and stuffs...

Hanbin: These days i don’t watch dramas..I read more comic books and watch animations. In the future when i’m more confident, i’ll recommend some good comic books to you guys.

Hanbin: During the weekends? I went home, met Hanbyul and ate some food.

hanbin: i have to go and record right now so i’ll leave now. I’ll come back again on vapp next time. jinhwan will do his vapp next so don’t worry. have a great day.

(@Hajarkim translation)

Hanbin: as for judo, I'm doing it during my free time. it's not i'm doing it professionally. I'm doing it to sweat. to boost my fighting spirit.

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