190524 Chanwoo Sari : This is The Last Video

Short goodbye for awhile, Changus!
Sincerely thank you so much for tuning in and enjoy Chanwoo Sari for all these time!
-Chanwoo Sari editor team-

Chanwoo said after today’s video Chanwoo Sari will take a rest for a while.Not really a rest but more like he is going to work on better contents better vids for all Changus. As now he is busy with comeback preparation since like it’s hard to come up with great content every week

(Syh_bae trans)

Chanwoo finds it hard to take videos whilst preparing for the comeback which is why he has decided to take a break after discussing with his team. He will be back with better quality and better contents for us and he’s asked for our understanding. πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜”
(JCHANW00_ trans)

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