190524 Donghyuk on V live : Who will play?

Trans by : syh_bae

After fanmeeting today Donghyuk and Hanbin went to steak house and had steak as dinner.

About iKON comeback preparation Donghyuk said yes they are working on it the did recording too and that’s it he can say for now

Btw Donghyuk said he watched edit/cut from his last vlive and he got so much fun watching all the editings and cuts but he also dunno what to do today (bcs everything comes naturally at that time lol)

Donghyuk: The weather is getting warmer and I have problem to sleep bcs of the weather...

Donghyuk: I enjoy both Chanwoo and Yunhyeong youtube channel. I watch a lot..

Donghyuk: That SUrF stage,, really yall are the reason it can happen. Because yall keep asking and curious about it that’s why.. thank you so much

Thought on acting?
Donghyuk: Oh this is such a sudden question. I am not sure. I did take acting lessons with Yunhyeong hyung before. I don’t know,, I am curious about everything going on it

Donghyuk: I enjoy listen to drama ost. I even once got to some drama because of the ost

Donghyuk: It will be good if I can sing ost. It will be such a great opportunity. If the chance comes then,,

Donghyuk acts cute to noona fans
Younger one: We are sad☹️
Donghyuk: *cutely* Go to study now!

Donghyuk: Happy birthday in advance! Make sure to have a happiest one! Make sure okay!

F: I have such a bad day today. I am so upset please cheer me up
Donghyuk: What makes you upset today? What happened??

Donghyuk: When we did the shoot for KEMiSTRY vcr it was so awkward normally I will just wake Hanbin up like “hyung hyung wake up” but this time I need to play around lil bit it was so awkward but when I saw the vcr it was so well made~

Donghyuk: about the KEMiSTRY, I didn’t feel tired at all it was so fun all day long. Even after the private stage is done the tension is still high it didn’t go away just like that

Didn’t you all get tired because of the long encore during private stage?
Donghyuk: iKON (and iKONIC?) is all about the singing along and encore

Donghyuk said the iKON slash on their team ring is not clearly shown now due to scratches but their debut date in inner part of the ring is still there

What about concert once every month?
Donghyuk: That sounds good but for a concert we need to come up with theme and concept ain’t it will be too repetitive if we do it every month?

Donghyuk: Thank you so much for playing along with me tonight. See you again next time byee~~

Did you lost weight?
Donghyuk: Am I? Did I look thinner? I don’t know though

You look like a hamster
Donghyuk: I am somehow do look like those that come from cricetidae family like mouse hamster

There is a comment “son I love you”

Donghyuk: Oh my god I was so surprised I thought my mom was here for a moment HAHAH

There’s something behind you
Donghyuk: There’s a frame behind me. That kind of teasing like ghost or something scary is no no for me it isn’t working I didn’t fall for it

We met many iKONICS for university festivals it was so fun perform for univ festivals

Donghyuk: I received lots of call about the SUrf lyric after the stage and I saw iKONICS came up with few kind of lyrics and how you fill in the middle part like how you hear it I am impressed “oh that’s how you hear it” hehehhe iKONICS are so cute hehehe
Donghyuk said fan version of the surf lyric is 80% right

Donghyuk: Any university festivals is fun. We have fun at all places. It gives us some kind of different mood than normal stage and also the passion is different

How’s your day today?
Donghyuk: We are in Japan right now. It was an exciting and fun day I had fun and enjoy a lot but somehow I slightly having that day of no energy kind of day well you know that kind of day that exists in our days

Donghyuk: I spend my day watching dramas, youtube, missing fans and want to talk to you that’s why I am here

Donghyuk: I subscribed to Yunhyeong hyung and Chanwoo youtube channels. I am an avid viewer of the channels. I really watch every video.
Aaa I appear a lot on Yunhyeong’s channel hahah everyone appears a lot hhh because he keeps filming that’s why hhh

Donghyuk: How was it the KEMiSTRY Private Stage? I want to hear from yall. Please comment about it

Ahh everyone is saying they had fun it was so fun it was great

F: I can’t go bcs of school
Donghyuk: Ahh that’s too bad. It was so fun though this time

F: Please reenact Descendant of The Sun again
Donghyuk: That is no no wow acting is really hard it is really hard I really respect all the actors who can act all the lines perfectly it is hard

Noona fan: Donghyuk, I am a bit drunk so I can’t focus on the live
Donghyuk: You drunk? How much did you drink though? Go back home quickly night is getting darker

After Donghyuk called a fan “noona”,,
another fan: Why am I younger than you oppa?
Donghyuk: That’s because you’re younger than me how can I answer to that hehehe

That’s when the younger fans commented they sad because Donghyuk only say something to noona fans

Donghyuk: Go study now. Settle your homeworks and study okay~

Donghyuk said he prefers watching reruns drama and now he is into Reply series it is just comes suddenly he wanted to watch it and now he is at Reply 1994. He already watched it before just watch again now

When they talk about old dramas like boys over flowers etc fans asked about the heirs
Donghyuk: Of course I watched that. The Heirs was so fun. When I saw Chanwoo I immediately went “oh that’s Kim Tan”

Donghyuk:I’ve watched Endgame.probably anyone who still didn’t watch like now binge watching all marvel series and wait for all to done before watch it,,if there’s even one person like this here please let me know
Ok there’s someone who didn’t watch yet so I will not say anything

Donghyuk spotted someone commented “I love you 3000”
Donghyuk: I love you 3000 too^^
I cried a lot watching it. I have lots to say but I really can’t say anything

Donghyuk: Her Private Life? That’s the drama with ONE hyung right???!! *google it* Oh right! It’s ONE hyung drama. ONE hyung is really handsome right he is really handsome. He has pretty smile while his personality is manly

Donghyuk: When Hanbin and I preparing for our subunit stage we need to practice for our dance choreo but Hanbin keep didn’t come to our practice he looked at the choreo and he said that looks easy he can do it confidently
then I was like okay because he is good at dancing of course he can do it,, ar the day to show the choreo,, maybe because it was long since he last dance stamina isn’t there he couldn’t follow the practice heheh we tease him a lot at that time.

we didn’t have lots of time to practice after that he probably feels nervous for the stage after all the big talk therefore during our overseas schedules and other schedules he keeps dancing to the choreo in case he forgot the steps he was too cute at that time^^

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