190530 Hanbin on CH+ : He Congratulate Lee Hi for 24 Degrees Comeback

Trans by syh_bae
Hanbin said he gave various kind (lots) of songs to Lee Hi but only 1,2 managed to make it to the album. The song was made in April 2018 without rap part originally.
Hanbin also shared 1,2 originally a slow song but turned out to be an exciting/joyful music lol

Hanbin said he received a text from his mom after he trimmed his hair more neatly. His mom isn’t yet 100% satisfied with his hairstyle but still his mom sent a compliment text saying he did a good job managing his hair lol
Oh Hanbin says he is happy that Lee Hi sing his song and she sing it so well uwuwuwuwu
Hajar Kim Translation
Hanbin: that's right Hi's album is out today. I just heard that it gets 1st on chart. Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
Hanbin kept on asking "has Jinhwan done the live (relay)?" so many times lol
Hanbin: diet? how do i say it. for now just skipping late-night snack. i already lose 2kg ah, losing 2kg, it'll be a lie, i lose 1.5kg.

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