iKON on Vogue Magazines June 2019 Issue

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iKON on June issue of VOGUE

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June 2019 VOGUE iKON Interview
(Translated by @mijingy0o on Twitter)

Although K-POP history is being rewritten every day, there is no moment as intense as Kindergarten  kidssinging along to 'Love Scenario. It's a phenomenon where kids start singing as if the
auto-play button is pressed the moment they hear "Sarangeul" somewhere. It has been almost one
and a half years since Love Scenario was released to the world, yet this strange phenomenon is still
ongoing. Without knowing who iKON is or what kind of idol they are, they are being loved for 'Love
Scenario', a song equivalent to a nursery rhyme. Therefore, the song 'Love Scenario' could be marked
as an overwhelming case which proves the proposition that music is like a world's common language
and is magical. Idols may be discussed continually as a case beyond stereotypes of 'music watching',
and we have to wait and see if 'Love Scenario' will make it to the classical rank in the late 21st century.

These members, who created a masterpiece that is loved by all generations, are about to
stretch out in preparation for their first comeback this year. To let you know what their daily routine
is, it is the repetition of recording, schedules and recording again. It is a situation in which all their
time is focused on recording aside from their official schedules such as fan meetings and TV programs
Although it feels more exciting before going on a vacation, iKON's feelings towards the preparation
for the comeback is close to undergoing a 'spiritual training'.

Jinhwan: "I have to think that there will be no rest days from now on. It's the toughest during
the preparations. Since I know there's going to be results, I'll have to head towards that goal."

B.l states that he will have to maintain a healthier daily rhythm. In the past, he woke up at 78
PM and started his day until no earlier than 12 PM. The genius composer, who used to shut himself in
the studio and immerse himself in making songs without seeing a bit of sunlight, has a big concern
recently, and that is having a healthy life.

When the members are not working together as a whole under the name 'iKON', each of them
is preoccupied with something different as musicians. Bobby wants to dance better. Freestyle dance.

Bobby: "I want to be good at rapping and singing, but these days I find that dancing well on
stage is very cool. I'm actually the member who is the worst in dancing. I didn't dance well previously
and I'm now trying to dance better so l can look cooler. l've looked up a lot of clips, and there's this
one called Lit Dance' where kids do freestyle. I think it's cool, so I really like it."

Donghyuk, who is mostly Bobby's dance partner, focuses on dance and the tone of his voice
am filming my own choreography with a camera and then studying it. I'm also concerned about my
tone. As my tone is high, I feel that it sounds the same for every song. Therefore, I'm doing a lot of
recordings as I want to present (my voice) differently."

Yunhyeong and Chanwoo are also interested in dance. Yunhyeong wants to get out of the
trap-like dance pattern while Chanwoo concentrates more during the moment when he dances. "I got
scolded many times for just roughly dancing to it. I didn't understand it at first, but now I know what it means. Since I'm taller than other members, I temd to stand out in some parts. I'm currently focusing on those parts".

Jinhwan is looking at the bigger picture. He talks closely about swag. "I'm focusing more on
the swag and live performance on stage. Since originally can do live, I can do better if I pay close
attention to it. Also, there are various things in being cool. You can look cool and you can also do a
charming action. I've been looking at many things that I think are cool these days."

Junhoe answered by showing a callus that formed on his finger. He never fails to have guitar
practice for an hour per day. B.l's mind is somewhat complicated. He, who writes, composes and
produces for most ikON's songs, is searching for new inspiration.

"I made so many songs last year, so l've nothing to say about this. Other than the ones that
got released, l've made so many others. Therefore, I'm taking a break from production this year. Last
year, I wasn't able to meet a lot of people, so I'm going to meet them, and I'm going to watch movies,
read books and drink a bit. I can't really handle alcohol, but I've improved recently. Yes, it's 'Iseul Tok
Tok'. Last time, I got drunk after one can of it, but nowadays I feel fine after 1.5 cans of it.

iKON made a comeback thrice in Korea last year. Although they are represented by 'Love
Scenario', 'Killing Me' and 'Goodbye Road' were a trilogy of breakups that has sad and beautiful
narrations. Those are stories when we are in love.

In the earlier phase of their debut, they built an image of a talented Hip-hop group, but now
they became a group that is best at expressing emotions. They used "The electrifying feeling in
between my ribs" to express that fuzzy feeling when we are in love, and then "a lonely goodbye road"
to express the feeling after a breakup. When we look back today in the distant future, iKON's music
will evoke those feelings of those days. That is why we call music the sensibility of the times. Even
though we live our own history, someone will express that history.

Burden remains with the musicians who have reached the top. B.I, who has never felt
pressured by music before as he only had the thought that his favourite song was released, is now
conscious of 'Love Scenario.'

Last time, I feel like a jobless person when I had nothing to do at home. The word 'bum' seems
like the right choice of word. I hated the sight of it. After the release of 'Love Scenario', I gained
composure and dignity. In fact, I'm not sure how big of a difference it is, but anyway, I started to feel
burdened. No matter what I do, Love Scenario is on my mind all the time.

In the past interview, the members said this several times that only ‘Love Scenario, has
reached the top, but iKON has not.

Donghyuk: "It is a fact that many did not know much about a group called iKON. Although our
fans are extremely important to us, I could feel the public's attention and recognition through this
song. To let more people know about iKON, I think that we should work more individually and show
them our charms."

The person who turned that realisation immediately into action is maknae, Chanwoo. The hottest topic in iKON right now is Chanwoo's YouTube Channel called 'Chanwoo Sari. It started out with the thought of if people get to know more about me', and it has gained more than 400,000 subscribers ever since. Besides achieving their intended purpose of gaining awareness, of course, iKON has also created new opportunities for their overall activities.

Donghyuk: "The thing Chanwoo does has a tremendous ripple effect. Recently, when we performed in America, we got to attend a grand event thanks to Chanwoo. A Chanwoo character was launched in the game called 'Fortnite', and he got to play the game with an extremely famous professional gamer. He played a good role in promoting iKON overseas."

Subscribers who are in love with Chanwoo's solo appeal are also happy to see the other iKON members appearing (in the videos). Chanwoo, who has achieved his goal, is enthusiastically coming up with ideas so as not to disappoint his subscribers.

Chanwoo: "I should rest when it is time to rest, but since I am always carrying my camera around, I feel sorry to my hyungs. Nevertheless, hyungs really help me a lot."

Yunhyeong, who is rumoured to be good in cooking, has also opened a YouTube Channel about cooking content.

Yunhyeong: "Last time, I thought iKON should come first rather than myself. However, now that there are people who will know about iKON because of me, so l started YouTube with the thought of wanting to do better. Chanwoo is conscious of other members when he films, but I'm planning to go all out."

Debuted five years. When asked when are they going for an MT, they joked by asking back "How much more do we have to bond?" Although their dorms are not noisy anymore, it's still natural and comfortable. When asked when was the last conflict among the members, their memory was vague.

Yunhyeong: "Since we're adults and we've hyungs in their mid-20s, everyone is slightly mature Cos we all know each other well, we avoid things we dislike. If someone wants to do something suddenly, we'll understand too. Should I say being considerate is a natural thing(for us)?

Yunhyeong: "Last time, I didn't acknowledge others. I'd express that I was always the right one. Now, I realised that it's not that other people are wrong; they are just different."

As expected, there is a new chemistry formed among the members. Everyone points out that they are Bobby and Donghyuk.

Junhoe: "Both of them work together frequently these days. Their music styles are similar Their food habits are similar too. Since they like American food, they even went to a pizza restaurant in Japan.

Donghyuk and B.I's time in dance practice has increased
Donghyuk: "When we first debuted, B.I would lead us. But now that he has put away dancing
I've been leading it. (Laughs) Hyung keeps asking me to do something."

Jinhwan points out Chanwoo
Jinhwan: "My 'Kemi with Chanwoo is getting better. There is also affection from the
accumulated scolding. In fact, we really don't match. But because we don't, it becomes interesting
We eat together frequently these days."

When asked what is heavy and light for iKON who have been together for so long.

Donghyuk: "I became more free on stage. I guess I have been unknowingly cautious of how
people look at me. I started practising harder after thinking about what | could be good at. I'm
practising a little more sensitively."

Bobby: "I think I'm becoming someone who keeps secrets well. I don't talk as much, and when
I want to try something, I think about it more first. Although I really want to raise a puppy, I can't raise
it rashly because of the thought that it dies faster than human beings. Last time, I fet nervous
whenever I went up to the stage. Now, I don't feel like that."

Junhoe: “I used to have a heavy heart worrying about unnecessary things, and I felt lighter
when I didn't think much realistically. Now, it's the opposite."

More than anything, they realised that each member must be happy so they can enjoy
working as iKON. Jinhwan lives by the words "sohwakhaeng" (small but guaranteed happiness)

Jinhwan: " think that we shouldn't find happiness from far away, so I'm now trying a lot of
things. I go for swimming, squash, and I'm also learning how to make cocktails while searching for
interests. This way, I can enjoy work more efficiently."

iKON, who will be back when the season becomes hot, pointed out that they would like the
North America tour to happen this year. They want to see a broader world. In the 2017 <Vogue>
interview with iKON, they defined themselves as 'a well-made K-POP group. A futurist that is trendy
and has never been seen in Korea. There is still no change in this direction. B.l made a change to the
expression by saying that he wants them to be the Maitreya of the Korean pop industry.

B.1·"Love Scenario, is only a step up, and there are so many more steps to climb. We'll keep
going forward even if it's a bumpy ride."

Coming to the end of the interview, Bobby prayed for happiness for people all around the
world. Bobby: "Whether personally or as iKON, I hope all the people around the world will be happy
I mean it."

Now, rather than having musicians like John Lennon and Michael Jackson, who sang songs
that yearn for world peace, we do need more musicians who sincerely wish us happiness. iKON is
aiming for the future while living in a contemporary period.

iKON is our icon.

Translation by @JCHANW00_
Chanwoo: “When we’re resting, we should be resting but i’m always holding the camera even when we are resting and i feel sorry towards the hyung for that. But the hyungs help me a lot despite that.”

Jinhwan chose Chanwoo as the member he has the best chemistry with in the group. “These days my chemi with Chanwoo is getting better. Tbh we don’t match well but it’s fun even though we don’t match. These days we even eat together a lot.”

All of the members chose Bobby and Donghyuk as having the best chemi in the group. “These days they work (on music) together a lot too. They like the same type of food and have lots of preferences that match. They both love American food & even eat pizza’s together in Japan.”

Yun who is known for his cooking skills opened a YT channel to showcase his cooking skills.“In the past I used to put iKON ahead of me but these days there are more people who recognizes iKON & I started Youtube thinking that I should let more people know about me & do better.

The hot topic that’s in the group these days is about Chanwoo’s Youtube Chanwoo Sari. He started the channel with the mindset of getting people to know him more but he has more than 400k subscribers as of now. He has created new opportunities whilst also increasing his popularity

“The ball that Chanwoo launched managed to create a tremendous impact. Recently when we attended an event in US, we managed to participate in a huge event thanks to Chanwoo. Chanu managed to released a fortnite skin character & also managed to play a game with the famous gamer.

Chanwoo focuses even more when he’s dancing. “There are a lot of moments where I get scolded during dance practice. At first I didn’t know what it means but I do know.I’m taller than the other members so there are parts that stand out more.I pay a lot of attention to those parts.

Hanbin: Last year I made a lot of songs that i don’t know what to say. Besides the songs that have been released, there are more songs that i’ve made. Which is why this year i’ll be resting from producing. I could barely even meet anyone last year but these days i’m meeting more people and even watching movies, reading books and drinking abit. I can’t really drink alcohol but my tolerance for alcohol has increased a little bit. Yes it’s the iseul toktok. Before this if i drank one can of that, i’ll be drunk but now i can drink more than one can.

Bobby wants to be able to dance well (free style dancing). I like rap and singing but these days to dance cooly on stage looks even more cooler. There used to be a member who couldn’t dance well in the group. He used to dance with lesser strength but these days he looks cool dancing and he’s working hard improving too. There’s a video called “Lit Dance” where they dance freestyle and they look cool and i like it.

i really want to raise a puppy but thinking that they die faster than people makes me think the otherwise - bobby 2019

At the end of the interview,Bobby wished happiness for everyone in the world.“I personally hope that people all over the world are happy.We need more musicians who sincerely wish for our happiness more than musicians who sings about world peace like John Lennon & Michael Jackson.

Trans by @syh_bae
5 years into debut,iKON said they don’t even remember last time they’ve conflict among them. As they are all now adult,everyone being matured. They know eo so well,so they can avoid things anyone don't like n when anyone wants to do something they just know why he wants to do it.

Yunhyeong *showing his maturity in growing up* : In the past I always thought I was right and I expressed myself that way. But now I realised it isn’t that other people are wrong but we are just different ourselves

iKON shared their daily routine during vogue shoot

“It is a repetition of recording, attending schedule, recording. All the time is filled with recordings except for official schedules such as fanmeetings and appearance in broadcasting programs.”

Jinhwan: There is no day off anymore. Preparing for comeback is the hardest time. Because there’s result waiting ahead so we need to continue moving towards our goals

Bobby: Personally also as iKON, we wish for people all over the world to be happy
”We have songs like songs from John Lennon or Michael Jackson that shows us the desire for world peace and now we need more musicians to sincerely wish us happiness. iKON aim for the future of this generation. For iKON to be our icon.” -Vogue

Being asked about their unchanging goal to be a wellmade kpop group, B.I said

“Through Love Scenario we managed to went up a step. There are many more steps to climb. Even if the road is bumpy we will keep going”

매일 케이팝 역사가 갱신되는 요즘이지만 유치원생들의 사량을 했다 '떼창만큼 강열한
한다. 어디선가 사랑을rv. 만 흘러나와도 자동 재생 버튼을 누른 듯 꼬맹이들이 노래를 시작하는 현상 사랑을 했다가
은없다고 생각
돼가지만 이 신기한 현상은 계속 이어지고 있다. 아이콘이 누군지, 아이돌이 어떤 존재인지 모른 제 사랑받는다는 점
선상에 놓인다 그러니까 사랑을 했다는 음악은 세계 공통어라든가음악은 마법과 같은 것이라는 명제를 증명한 압도적인 사례로
에서 사량을 했다는 동요와 동일
기록될 것이다. 아
아돌은 보는 음악을 한다는 고정관념을 넘어선 사례로도 두고두고 회자될 것이다. 사랑을 했다가 21세기 후반 클래식 반열에 오를자는
좀더 지켜봐
세다를 아우르는 명곡을 창조한 당사자들은 올해 첫 컴백을 준비하며 기지개를 켜는 중이다. 하루 일과를 전하자면, 녹음
팬미팅이라든가 방송 프로그램 출연 같은 공식 스케줄을 제외한 모든 시간이 녹음으로 채워지는 상태다. 여행은 때나기
, 스케줄, 녹음의 반복이다
전에 더 설레지만 아이콘이
컴백을 준비하는 마음은 도 닦기에 가깝다. "이제부터 쉬는 날은 없다고 샘각하면 될 것 같아요. 준비할 때가 제일 함들죠. 결과물이 있을 아니까
목표를 향해서 나아가죠"(진환) 일상에서는 좀더 건강한 리듬을 가지고자 한다. 과거 저녁 7~84에 가상해 하루를 시작한 B.는 가상 시간을 자고
마치 12시로 당겠다. 햇빛도 보지 못하고 작업실에 틀어박하 음악 작업에 골몰했던 천재작곡가의 요즘 기장관 관심사는건강한 삶이다
아이콘(iKON)'이라는 하나 된 이름으로 활동하지 않을 때 뮤지션으로서 골몰하고 있는 지점은 각자 다르다. BOBBY는 춤을 잘 추고 싶어졌다 프리
스타일 댄스다. "랩도좋고 노래도 좋은데 요즘 무대에서 춤을잘 추는 게 멋있어 보이더라고요. 원1 가정출물 못추는 멤버중 한영이거E요 70
는 힘을 많이 빼고 췄다면 요즘은 멋있게 보이려고 노력하고 있어요. 영상을 많이 찾아보는데 'Lit 댄스라고 애들이 프리스타일로 추는 춤이 멋져 보여
서 되게 좋아합니다." BOBBY의 춤 파트너로 주로 동원되는 동혁은 춤과 목소리 톤에 신경 쓴다. 직접 짠 안무를 카메라로 찍어보며 연구하고 있어
요 목소리 톤도 관심사예요. 워낙 미성이라 노래마다 비슷한 느낌이 들어 다르게 보여주고 싶은 욕심에 녹음을 많이 하고 있습니다." 윤형과찬우의
관심도 춤이다 윤형은트랩 그대로 추던 패터에서 빗어나 함을 배고자 하고, 진우는줌주는 순간에 좀더 집중한다."대충 준다고 흔날 때가많았거든
요 차음엔 몰랐는데 이제 무슨 말인지 알 것 같아요. 다른 멤버보다 키가 커서 도드라져 보이는 부분도 있고, 그런 부분에 신경 쓰고 있어요." 진한은
사하게도 멋을 얘기한다 "무대에서 멋과 라이브에 신경을 많이 쓰고 있어요. 원래 라이브를못하지 않기 때문에 신경을 곤두세워 집
하면 잘할 수 있습니다. 그리고 멋은 다양한 걸 담고 있잖아요. 멋지게 생길 수도 있고 멋있는 동작을 할 수도 있고, 요즘에는 제가 멋있다고 샘
는 것들을 많이 보는 것 같아요.. 준화는 손가락에 박힌 굳은살로 대답을 대신했다. 하루에 1시간씩 기타 연습을 빠뜨리지 않는다.
복잡하다. 아이콘의 노래 다부분을 작사·작곡, 프로듀싱해오고 있는 그는 새로운 영감을 찾고 있다. "작년에 노래를 너무 많이
말고도 너무 많이 만들었거든요 그래서 올해는 작업을 쉬고채우러 다니고 있습니다 작년에 사업들을 정
책도 읽고 술도 좀 마시고, 술을 실 못 마스는데 요즘 좀 늘었어요. 네, 하슬특록 맞습니다 예전에는 p
B. 의 머릿속은 다소
만들어서 할 말이 없어요. 발매된 노래
못 만났는데 사람들도 좀 만나고 영화도 보고
캔이 넘어가면 취했는데 요즘은 한 캔 빈도 거뜬해요."
아이콘은 직년에 국내에서 세 번 컴백했다
사랑을 했다로 대변되지만 죽겠다 이벌길까지 이별 3부작은 슬프고 아름다운 서사를 이뤘다 우리
는 것들이었다. 데뷔 초 실력 있는 힙합 그룹이라는 이미지를 구축했던 이들은 감성을 가장 잘 표현하는 그룹이 됐다. 사랑할 때 동
정체를 .갈비뼈 사이가 찌릿찌릿힌 느낌으로 표현했고, 헤어진 후 심정을 의로운 이별길로 표현했다. 먼 훗날 오늘을 돌이 봤을 때
그느낌을 환기시거줄 것이다 시대의 감성을대변하는 음악 란그런 것이다 우리는 각자의 역사를 살지만 누군
사랑할 때 얘기하
글한 느낌의
아이콘의 음악이 그 시절
션들에게는 부담이 남는다.좋아하는 노래가 나왔다는상반했을 뿐음악 하는 데 부담을 가져본 적 없던 B는사량을 했다를의
집에 가만히 있으면 할 일 없는백수 같았어요 놈팡이라는 표현이 맞는 것 같아요 꼼보기 싫었거든요 사량을 했다 후
정상에 오른 뮤지
식히고 있다. "예전에는
여유와 기품이 생겼죠. 사실 크게 달라진 게 뭔지는 잘 모르겠는데 어쨌든 부담이 생겼어요. 뭘 하든 사랑을 했다가 항상 머릿속에 있어요. 멤
은 과거 인터뷰에서 사랑을 했다가 정상을 찍었을 뿐 아이콘이 정상은 아니라고 여러 번 얘기했다. "아이콘이라는 그룹을 많이 앝지는 못했던 게

현실이니까요 팬여러분들은 저희에게 매우 중요한 존재지만 대중들의 시선과인지도를 이 노래를 통해 많이 느꼈어요 아이콘을 좀더알리기 위해
서 개개인이 활동을 더 많이 하고 매력을 보여드려야 한다는 생각을 하게 됐죠."(동혁)
그 깨달음을 행동으로 바로 옮긴 멤버는 막내 찬우다. 자금 그룹 아이콘에서 가장 큰 화젯거리는 챤우의 유튜브 챤우살이다. 자람들이
먼 하는 마음으로 시작했는데 구독자 수가 40만 멍을 넘어섰다. 인지도를 높이고자 했던 소기의 목적을 달성했음은 물론, 아이콘
새로운 기화를 만들어냈다."찬우가 쏘아 올린 공이 어마어마한 파급력을 가져왔죠. 촤근에 미국 공연 을 때 차우덕분
포트나이트라는 게임에 챤우 캐릭터가 출시돼 엄청 유명한 프로 게이머와 게임을 했거든요 아이콘을 해외
자신을 더 잘
전체 활동
에굉장히 큰 행사에 참여
에알리는 데 좋은 역할을 했습니
다"(동혁) 찬우의 단독 매력에 푹 빠진 구독자들은 불쑥불쑥 등장하는 다른 아이콘 멤버들을 볼 수 있어 즐겁기만 하다. 목표틀 이룬 챤위는 구독자
들을 실망시키지 않기 위해 적극 아이디어를 내는 등 의욕을 불태우고 있다."쉴 때는 쉬어야 하는데 향상 카메라를 들고 있어 혐들에게 미안하죠. 그
많이 도와줘요 (찬우) 요리를 잘하기로 소문난 윤형도 요리 콘텐츠 유튜브 채널을 오픈한다 여진에는 저보다 아이
이 먼저라고
생각했는데, 이제는 나로 인해 아이콘을 알게 돠는 사람들도 있구나. 내가 좀더 잘돼야겠다는 생각에 유튜부를 사작했어요-한우는 엠
보며 찍고 있지만 저는 막 들이댈 예정입니다."
데뷔 5년 단합 대화는 언제 가냐고 건넨 농담에 얼마나 더 단합해야 하냐고 돠묻는 중견 그룹이 됐다 숙소는 더 이상 떠들썩하지 않지만 자연스럽
고 편하다 멤버들 사이에 갈등이 언제 있었는지 기억도 가물가물하다 성인이 되고 20대 중반을 넘는 형들도 생기다 보니까 다들조금 은
었어요. 서로 다 아니까 말아서 싫어하는 것들은 피해주고, 누군가 갑자기 왜 그러지 싶어도 눈치껏 이해해요. 배려가 몸에 배어 있다고 해야 할까요
들었다고 여긴다 예전에는 다른 사람을 인정하지 않았어요. 제가 항상 맞다고 생각했고표현했어요. 자금은 다른 사람 들이 틀린 게 아
나라 다르 다는 걸 깨달았어요.
멤버들 사이에 새롭게 생긴 케미스 트리 역시 존재한다. 다들 하나같이 BOBBY와 동혁을 꼽았다. "요새 둘이 작업을 많이 해요.
해진 것 같아요. 특히 식성이 제일 잘 맞는 것 같더라고요. 마국 음식을 좋아하는데 일본까지 가서도 둘이 피자집에 가더라!
음악 스타일도비슷
니까요 "(준화 동혁은 BI
늘었다. "데뷔 초까지만 해도 형이 리드했는데 한빈이 형이 춤을 내려놓아서 요즘은 제가 리드하고 있어요(웃음) 한반이 형은 자꾸
궐 해보 라고만 합니다."(동혁) 진환은 찬우를 꼽았다. "요즘 찬우랑 케미'가 좋아졌어요. 혼내면서 쌓인 정이 또 있거든요. 사실 진짜 안 맞는데 안 맞
와 춤 연습 시간이
기 때문에 생기는 재미가 있더라고요. 요즘 같이 밥도 자주 먹어요.
아이콘으로 지내온 시간은 무엇을 무겁게 하고 무엇을 가볍게 했을까 무대에서 자유로워진 것 같아요. 그동안 저도 모르게 사람들 시선을 신경 쓰
고 있었나 봐요. 내가 잘하는 게 뭘까 생각하니 연습에 무게가 생겨요. 좀더 예민하게 연습하고 있어요."(동혁)-압이 무거워지는 것 같아요. 말수가
적어졌고 뭔가 시도하려다가도 좀더 생각하게 돼요. 강아지를 너무 키우고 싶지만 강아지가 사람보다 일찍 죽는다고 생각하면 섣불리 카올 수 없어
요 예전엔 무대에 올라갈 때 긴장했는데 최근엔 전혀 안 하는 것 같아요."(BOBBY) 옛날에는 쓸데없는 걱정에 마음이 무거워지고 현실적인 생각을
많이 안 해서 마음이 가벼웠는데 이젠 반대가 됐어요. 현실적인 문제에 마음이 무거워질 때가 있어요."(준회) 무엇보다 멤버 각자가 행복해야 아이콘
으로서 즐겁게 활동할 수 있음을 깨달았다 진환은 소확행'이라는 단어를 마음에 품고 산다. "행복은 멀리서 찾으면 안 된다고 생각해서 많은 걸 시도
하고 있어요. 수영도 하고 스쿼시도 하고 칵테일 만들기도 배우면서 재미를 찾는 중이에요. 그래야 일도 더 능률적으로 즐겁게 할 수 있는 것 같아요."
뜨거운 계절이 되면 돌아올 아이콘은 올해 일어났으면 하는 일로 북미 투어를 꼽았다. 더 넓은 세상을 보고싶어서다. 아이콘은 2017년 <보그> 인터
뷰에서 자신들의 정체성을 '웰메이드 케이팝 그룹, 한국에서 볼 수 없는 트렌디한 퓨처리스트'라고 정의했다 지금도 방향성은 변함없다. B. 는 대
악계의 마륵불이 되고 싶다는 말로 표현을 정정했다 "사랑을 했다'로 한 계단 정도 올라갔을 뿐 올라갈 계단은 아주 많습니다 고행길이라도 계
속 식진할 겁니다." 인터뷰 말미, BOBBY는 전 세계인의 행복을 가원했다. a개인적으로도 아이콘으로도 온 세상 사람 들이 행복했으면 좋겠습니다
진심입니다. 지금 우리에겐 존 레논이나 마이클 잭슨처럼 세계 평화에 대한 염원을 담은 노래를 부르는 뮤지션보다 진심으로 우리의 행복을 빌어주
는 뮤지션이 더 필요하다 아이콘은 미래를 지향하며 동시대를 산다. o01콘은 우리의 아이콘이다

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