[Eng Sub] Jinhwan on MBC Love of Hogu / Love Me Actually Ep. 13

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Credit : bobhwa

Hanbin Blaze Trans :

JH: "I'm Jinhwan.. from iKON" 
MC: "Why don't you say iKON's Jinhwan?"
JH: "I changed it a bit!"
MC: "Do you watch this often?"
JH: : "Yes, often. Even when I'm abroad I still watch the clips." 
MC: "(from all the mcs) Who look the most okay to you?"
JH: "My style?"
caption says: woman MC who's Jinhwan's ideal type is..
Jinhwan: "The more you see SeonYoung noona is.." 
He's prob shy to continue๐Ÿ™ˆ๐Ÿ˜‚❤️❤️

Kojunhole Article Trans :
iKON’ jinhwan said yun sonyeong is his ideal type

sikyung asked, “do you watch our tv show?" jinhwan said, "I often watch it. I was watching the video through clips during overseas schedules”.

he added “what’s my ideal type? the more i watch sonyeong, the more charming she is.”

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