Lee Hi Talks About Work With B.I in 24 Degree Ep

Trans by : syh_bae, bynhyuk on Twitter
No One’ ft B.I of iKON along with rap-making.Expectations are high on how Lee Hi's soulful voice and B.I’s rap,which has clear identity,meet n create synergy

Lee Hi : I think his part becomes key/point (of d song) n I like it.I am very grateful n excited bcs of B.I’ participation 

Lee Hi : We got d opportunity to work together as we’re from same company. There’s songs in my album that written by B.I and naturally he involved in featuring.When we get together working for guide,overall mood was good n that’s how he naturally participate

Lee Hi: "B.I and I are same age friends and we've been talking about composing together for a while. We thought it'd be nice if the opportunity came and it's come with "No One." Thanks to B.I, the atmosphere and vibe of the song was fully developed and I am satisfied." 

Hayi's MV concept (rough trans): "My concept is a cat. I think of mysef as a person and am continuously looking for someone. While I am a cat, B.I lives on another planet and is another lonely person. Little Prince concept. And he's also looking for someone else (different)." https://t.co/msm1bjG3Yx

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