190604 Jinhwan on Vlive : Relay Vlive

Bynhyuk Trans

Jinhwan: I had no schedule today so I have come to do my relay part! ive been wanting to do this but schedules always end late. Sorry it took me so long, B.I told me you all have been looking for me

Jinhwan: I'm wearing running pants because the comeback is coming soon. I'm working out a lot, I've lost some weight

Jinhwan: Recently, we’ve been filming a lot of things. That means our comeback is approaching and we will meet soon again. We work hard in recording and we’re working to improve our appearances

Jinhwan: I love v live but it’s hard for me to speak by myself. It’s only been 5 minutes. I guess I’ll read comments.

Jinhwan: I actually dyed my hair a few days ago, I don’t think you can tell because it’s bright here.

Jinhwan: B.I’s hair color was supposed to be different from mine but it came out looking more similar than I thought

Jinhwan: This outfit is similar to Junhoe’s? ah, it’s a little similar to how he dresses..but it’s different

Fan: Come to Choongnam Gongju (city)

Jinhwan: Okay! And as for you, you're a princess* 

*Gongju is princess in Korean

Jinhwan: I used to live in Davao, its my city...wait I was in Manila too. Manila too! Manila is my city

Fan: What’d you eat that made you this cute?

Jinhwan: Hmm...I ate your love

Jinhwan: This is so hard for me..saying these things but only seeing my own reflection on the screen.

Jinhwan: Other members have other schedules, I had a solo schedule myself too recently. I think there will be good news to come soon.

Jinhwan: Your comments about “who’s that in your closet” etc don’t scare me at all anymore. I’m not the old Jinhwan I used to be

Jinhwan: B.I x Hayi are promoting right now, it reminds me of the old times and their song is doing super well. I would like to work with Soohyun too

Jinhwan: Mexicana is so good right? Everyone please eat some on my behalf.

Fan: Where did all your sexiness go?

Jinhwan: Am I not sexy? I must have left it all over there..but actually it's so hard to be sexy by myself

Jinhwan: The members do v lives a lot so I expect you to hear news from them. Who else is left in the relay? Junhoe already did it! Oh we all did it? Am I the last?

Jinhwan: Okay, ill nominate Donghyuk and Yunhyeong. This won’t end with our relay though, we have more to come.

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