190612 Hanbin Make a Statement on Instagram regarding the News

Trans by K8indaeyo

If there’s any consolation, he worded his statement as “탈퇴하고자합니다”, which would translate to something like “I would LIKE to withdraw” as in “I plan on it, but havent yet” kind of thing. But then again, technicalities. We’ll have to wait for YGE’s official stance on this.

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7 Responses to "190612 Hanbin Make a Statement on Instagram regarding the News"

  1. I can't believe it 😭😭

  2. He may have thought of doing it but never did it so he is innocent. He is just ashamed of thinking to do it. Keep on fighting Kim Hanbin, we believe in you.

  3. please dont leave BI.. i think we can understand if he once thinks to take that thing considering he is in a very vulnerable position.. come on guys, at that time he's only in his teen years and have to struggle with being a leader, doing the best to debut, competing in two shows at the same time and on top of that he need to compose songs.. but thankfully he didnt do it, he didn't take it.. so i hope the SK netizens dont just judge him over despite all the chaotic situation within YG.. iKONics and his members especially should calm him and stay with him..

  4. what happened I can't understand why?????????????????????

  5. Everyone deserves a second chance he's also human


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