Jinhwan and June for Domani Magazine Japan September 2019 Issue [Update August 16]

Trans credit : mindmyownbznz via HWANtopia

This is JUNE's face when he couldn't stop laughing.

The photoshoot for the signed polaroid present, being done after the interview. As we changed location, they were taking photos while chitchatting until good (photo) cuts were taken.

JAY is watching over JUNE's photoshoot session. As expected of iKON's eldest! As he watched JUNE's photoshoot, he remarked teasingly, "You're showing off, huh (lol)"

As he discovered a jacuzzi, JAY put his hands (in the water) and had a little fun.

During the book reading scene, he seemed to be interested in the contents of the book, so he was reading (the book) aloud.

There is a compilation of messages at the last page of the digital photo magazine written by them. They asked, "People who buy this (magazine) will read this message, right?" The sight of those two as they worried about what to say to thank their fans was impressive.

The two guys who couldn't stop laughing. Their closeness (was shown) the moment JAY burst out laughing & JUNE ended up laughing along with him.

When we asked them to move closer, JAY moved closed while playfully putting on a serious face. The way JUNE is shocked by the extreme closeness (lol).

  Domani 8 / September issue "I want to know now, really cool guy A to Z" iKON (icon) 's video comment has arrived from the project from JAY's and JU-NE's!

iKON's JAY & JU-NE appear in Domani!

Start a Japan tour from July 27, further August digital photo magazine will be delivered in one day iKON of JAY of you and JU-NE's . In the magazine side of Domani, they showed me two sexy shots that are exceptionally sexy. A video comment has arrived from such two people.

JAY who says oneself as "JU-NE" and JU-NE who does not stop laughing. The goodness of the two friends is also transmitted!
Next time, I will deliver an extra story that did not fit into the other side of the magazine and the magazine side. Looking forward to it

JAY & JU-NE (from iKON) Digital Photo Magazine Three Books Released Simultaneously!

"JAY from iKON PHOTO MAGAZINE" and "JU-NE from iKON PHOTO MAGAZINE" which consisted of "JAY & JU-NE from iKON PHOTO MAGAZINE" full of 2 shotcuts and each solo cut are released simultaneously on August 1, 2019! All pages taken down by photographer Seiichi Nomura! It is three books which can meet two people who have not seen so far from the chest Kyun room wear scene which reminds me of going to bed, to the sexy shower scene.

(From left) "JAY & JU-NE from iKON PHOTO MAGAZINE" All page 56 Price 1,500 (excluding tax) / "JAY from iKON PHOTO MAGAZINE" All page 49 price 1,300 (excluding tax) / "JU-NE from iKON PHOTO MAGAZINE All 49 pages Fixed price ¥ 1,300 (excluding tax) Delivery start date: August 1, 2019
Benefit 1: Get a photo magazine not included other cut! If you purchase with honto, Book Live, DMM, and Kindle, you will receive 2 other copies of the photo magazine not included in the photo magazine! Check each digital bookstore in detail!
Benefit 2: We present a signed panel by lottery! From among those who answered the Shogakkan WEB questionnaire by lottery, we will present a panel with a sign! Check the end of the photo magazine for details!

Tour "iKON JAPAN TOUR 2019" will be held in 14 cities in 14 cities from July 27

Starting from Fukuoka and Marine Messe Fukuoka on July 27th and 28th, August 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Hyogo-Kobe World Memorial Hall, August 21st, 22nd and 23rd Aichi, Nagoya International Conference Hall Century Hall, August 25 Miyagi / Zebio Arena Sendai, September 7-8 Chiba Makuhari Messe Exhibition Hall, September 18-19 Osaka / Osaka Castle Hall in 14 cities across Japan Will be implemented.

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