Lee Hi conveyed her gratitude to iKON B.I

Yesterday, Lee Hi made Live Comeback on Vibes. She interviewed by Suhyun about her music and her collaboration with Hanbin.
(All Translation credit to @syh_bae on Twitter)
“I never had proper featuring w B.I before.I asked him for help n he filled in lots of part d song got better.The composer was satisfied.I didn’t think I would get permission at 1st but I still sent it,he gladly agreed bcs it’s so good”
Lee Hi: With B.I,we are awkward but close, it is a vague relationship. We didn’t use honorific but it isn’t like to d point we are too close. I am thankful B.I himself uploaded on his sns (about comeback). Even though we didn’t meet often but every time we meet we get along well.
Lee Hi: B.I and I we are still in the process to
become close. I talked about this on radio and
there's tons of articles about it

Suhyun: From what I see these two respect
each other a lot also they have affection for
each other. They goes around like "ahuu our
hayi" "ahuu our hanbinie"..

Lee Hi: And because of that it's hard for us to
get close. We be like "aigoo thank you." to
each other

Suhyun: If both of you act bit more cooler/lay
down the respect a bit it will be easier

Lee Hi: I know right

Lee Hi: Like when I met with Chanhyuk oppa l
will just say "oh oppa you look awesome
today" then Chanhyuk oppa "What's wrong
with you" we just have conversation in
comfortable way casually while with B.I "oh
thank you" so politely

Suhyun: You both are same age right?

Lee Hi: Yup. Also because we didn't have lots
of chance to meet often

Suhyun: So let's us see each other a lot

Lee Hi: Should we?

Suhyun: If you want to

Lee Hi: I want
Here are the full video

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