190727 iKON Japan Tour 2019 - Marine Messe Fukuoka D1 (Tour Without Hanbin)


Live Talk broadcast from bycc.131

Credit trans to Ggumiseul, hinazashi

Q: what iKON were up to lately?

bobby: my nephew was born. he looks like me, handsome. im happy.
jinhwan: are you sure it’s handsome?
bb: yea! handsome!
jay: yea raon is cute & handsome too~ especially when he smiles, you guys look alike.

"Sorry for the worries iKON brought. We're doing our best so please support us". -Jinhwan

Chanwoo: The reason we're here is truly thanks to all of you. Thank you.

Bobby: Thank you for always waiting for us. Because from now on we'll become an iKON you can brag about.

Jinhwan: You are guys are curious about what we've been up to lately, right?
Fans: (some yays here & there)
Jinhwan: Or I guess not?? lol
Jinhwan: What've you been up to, Chanwoo?
Chanwoo: Playing games and cooking and stuff with Yunhyeong!
Yunhyeong: That's definitely a lie! A total lie!

OP: There was a video called something like "Expressing how I am on stage through cooking" so I don't think it's a lie lol

Bobby: My nephew was born last year, and he looks like me and is cool!
Jinhwan: Isn't he still a baby?
Bobby: Yeah but he's cool!
Jinhwan: Your smiles are similar.
Bobby: (grinning)

June: I went to Jeju with Jinhwan. Because Jinhwan's family home is in Jeju. He said it's lonely to go alone so he asked me to come.
Jinhwan: I said no such thing

Jinhwan: There's something that's changed about you, right, Yunhyeong?
Yunhyeong: My clothes have gotten smaller [because of my muscles]!! (flexes)
Jinhwan: Your hair changed too. That's what I wanted to talk about, but then you suddenly started going on about your body.

Jinhwan: How was your duet? June?
June: It was bad because I was nervous.
Yunhyeong: Well then what about trying it again now?
Jinhwan: Acapella.

And then June sang part of 3gatsu9ka acapella.

Chanwoo: I prepared [for the duet], and I think I did well, but
June: But? lol
Chanwoo: Next time I want to do the duet with someone else.
?: Who?
Chanwoo: June
June: Ehh, that's unexpected. Why?
Chanwoo: Because I love you.
Jinhwan: A sudden confession of love

During the encore Donghyuk came out with a towel

Donghyuk: (in Korean) I like this color. Who wants it?
Fans: (raise hands) Meee!
June: I never got one, no fair
Donghyuk: Don't you have one?
June: Not one of those.
(donghwan arrive with towels)
Jinhwan: Happy? ♡
June: Happy ♡

Yunhyeong's message on the kinte

Let's go together for our whole lives [isshou]! We're always together [issho]!!

[t/n: Bit of wordplay because isshou (whole lives) and issho (together) are pronounced similarly.]

June's message on the kinte
East West South North Suki [love you]....yaki

[t/n: Sukiyaki is a dish. It is a joke of some kind... no I do not understand it lol]

Bobby's message on Kinte

Chanwoo's message on the kinte
I'm always thankful! I love you!

진환: 곁에있어줘서 고마워❤️ 너가 좋아 좋아 좋아
Jay: Thank you for staying by my side❤️ I like like like you 

동혁: 항상 고마워❤️ iKONIC JAPAN 
DK: Thank you always❤️iKONIC JAPAN

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