190728 iKON Japan Tour 2019 - Marine Messe Fukuoka D2


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Jinhwan: What have you been up to Chanwoo?
Chanwoo: Cookie with Yunhyeong, going for walks with Jinhwan, playing games with Bobby...
Yunhyeong: When did we cook...? Liar!
Jinhwan: Did we go for walks...??
Bobby: Gaming... when......?

jinhwan: everyone must go & see our first digital magazine. somewhere in junhoe was wet.
yunhyeong: eh?
junhoe: yea, my upper body was wet. i got  πŸ’ͺ🏼
yh: full of confidence..
Bobby: (grinning happily) My nephew is coming to Korea in October so I'm looking forward to that!
Jinhwan: You guys do have similar smiles.
Bobby: His eyes disappear (when he smiles)! lol
Bobby: That, in Korea, that, that
Jinhwan: That
Bobby: That, what's his name, ah, Dong-chan

About Jinhwan & June's trip to Jeju
Jinhwan: We didn't really do anything in particular, did we?
June: The nature was amazing... I surrendered myself to the nature...

Junhoe has been exercising and composing lately.
Yunhyeong said his aim is to be macho but Junhoe said "Ain't macho is me" πŸ˜‚
June: These days I'm writing songs...
Fans: Ohhhh
June: "Ohhh"?! You didn't think I would be?!
Jinhwan: There's something about your looks that's changed, right, Yunhyeong?
Yunhyeong: It's hot, so do you mind if I take some clothes off? (takes off his jacket and shows off his arms)
Jinhwan: Oh my god enough already
Yunhyeong: I have a goal.
Jinhwan: What is it?
Yunhyeong: I want to be hoso-macho!
June: That's me! You're different!
Yunhyeong: I'm the hoso-macho one! You're just macho!
Jinhwan: What's hoso-macho...?

from the vcr mentioning favorite singer
yunhyeong : usher justin timberlake, bryson tiller
junhoe : usher, chris brown, justin bieber, rihanna

*What's Wrong intro part*
iKONICS chanting:
"Kim Hanbin, Kim Jinhwan, Kim Jiwon, Song Yunhyeong, Koo Junhoe, Kim Donghyuk, Jung Chanwoo, iKON!"
Then Bobby shouted "Kamsahamnida" midway!

During the encore
Bobby: Who's got a birthday today?
Fans: Meeee!!
Bobby: No way! It's everyone's birthday lol. Happy birthday!

Junhoe and Donghyuk shouting 'are you having fun?' many times, loud and clear and then Junhoe be like "are you really having fun" "we gonna raise the tension (hype) up"

Chanu: Yesterday I was nervous, but today I had fun. Thanks, everyone
June: The hype is high with you guys. I love you always. I'd like for us to continue existing together. Thank you.
Yunhyeong: A lot of you are coming here, thank you so much. We will keep working hard
Donghyuk: Thank you so much for coming. I am having so much fun. Please continue to cheer for us from now on
Bobby: We will be iKON that you can be proud of and for that please continue your support on us
June : From now on, The friendship between iKON and iKONIC will not change forever.
Jinan : From now on, we, iKON, will do the best, so please support

Junhoe: Today is so fun. Because fans are in high tension our tension also go high. Concert is good because of fans
Jinhwan: Me too! I love doing concerts! Because I’ve been missing you all
Donghyuk: Thank you guys for coming! YG Entertainment staff, thank you for your hard work. I love you. This has been iKON.

When iKON and fans called "Jinny chan~~" Jinan replied "Hai Jinny desu~ Konichiwawa~"
Right after Jinan said konichiwawa, June "Jinan san is 26 years old" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Bobby: Jinny-chan, long time no see! You guys wanna see Jinny-chan right?

Donghyuk: Of course iKON concert is all about the encore right~~~!!!!!

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