[Article] iKON, member JAY & JU-NE "We Talks Japanese for Secret discussions"

June : Jay-san is cute. I’m the one who will protect that “cuteness” 

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Trans by Hinazashi

The boy group iKON. Of which Jinhwan and June, boasting incredible popularity and with the couple name "junhwan," are releasing three digital photo magazines. We get a direct hit on these two, the core of that popular group!

JU-NE / Born on March 31, 1997 Blood type: A type main vocal charge
JAY / Born February 7, 1994 Blood Type: A Main Vocal In Charge

"June and I seem like we're similar, but we're actually complete opposites. Both when he's singing and talking, June is confident and proactive. So he says the things I can't say for me. I suppose you could say we're like a double act." (Jinhwan)

"I'm the tallest in the group, and Jinhwan is the shortest, and that balance is proof of our good compatibility. We drink together often, and if l'm ever worried about something, if I talk it out with Jinhwan, I can resolve pretty much anything."

The two of them have made remarkable improvement in Japanese, and we conducted this interview entirely in Japanese without an interpreter. Apparently they speak Japanese even when inKorea for practice.

"The two of us speak Japanese together particularly for secret discussions (laughs)." (Jinhwan)

We asked them what has changed about themselves over the last four years. "In the past I couldn't control my expressions, but now l can. I want to become an amazing adult!" (June)

"What's changed is my endurance. Stretching before I go on stage and getting a massage after are a must. Since l'm the oldest (laughs)." (Jinhwan)

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