iKONIC first Love to iKON

We made an open story on our Youtube Community tab. And here are some iKONIC story how they know iKON, how they love iKON, till now.

If you willing to tell your strory about the first time meet iKON, how proud you as an iKONIC or everything. You can tell us on the comments section bellow. Don't be sad alone, we are here for iKON and give big hug for iKONIC.

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1 Response to "iKONIC first Love to iKON"

  1. I know iKON during Mix & Match era, it all started when my sister play "wait for me" at that time i barely known kpop groups (i am not into kpop that much), i just love to watch k-variety and k-dramas. But when the first time i listened to "wait for me" it just really made me wanna cry... so i asked my sister, what group is it? And she said Team B aka iKON. And at that time i said to myself "okay let me stan this group!" There is no regret for me to stanning them, i am really proud being an iKONICS. Yeah, even there were many hardships since pre debut until now. I just wanna say to my dear fellow konics out there, let's keep supporting our iKON. Let's make another beautiful memories together. OT7 forever~


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