190809 iKON Japan Tour 2019 at Kobe World Memorial Hall - Day 1

Open 17.30 jst
Start 18.30 jst

Trans : mindmyownbznz, hinazashi, fxxkitall

Junhoe: It's been a while since we came to Kobe. I'm happy we're gonna have fun with you guys in Kobe today.

Yunhyeong started taking his jacket off right after Rhythm Ta
Jinhwan: Stripping a little fast today, aren't we?

June: I've been exercising lately
Jinan: That's great but you went to Jeju with me didn't you
June: Ah I totally forgot
Jinan: You forgot? But it was a lot of fun
June: I had a date with nature
Jinan: Nature? Not with me?
June: NONONO! We're both guys!

June: What have you guys all been up to? ...It's impossible to ask everyone one by one! lol
Jinhwan: You just did the boke and tsukkomi all by yourself.
June: I do do it by myself you know!

t/n: boke & tsukkomi are the two members of a manzai comedy duo act. the boke is the funny man and the tsukkomi is the straight man

bobby: my niece was born last year, he’s coming to korea in october so i’m looking forward to it ( ˊᵕˋ )
jinan: what do you want to do?
bobby: anything is fine ( ˊᵕˋ )

After Rhythm Ta
Chanwoo: My stamina...
Bobby: (whispers) He's the youngest

Yunhyeong: (shows off his arms to the camera)
Bobby: (punches Yunhyeong's arm)
Jinhwan: It looked like a rock

Before singing Jerk, 
Yunhyeong : "I'm singing for iKONICs, who are always by our side no matter what," and apparently Jinhwan translated that into Japanese from Korean for him.

June: The real charm for today is Dong-chan's dance! Go crazy!
Jinhwan: But you weren't watching backstage.
June: Sorry, I was in the bathroom. I watch it every single time! But today I wanted to poop.
Jinhwan: Can you not

When it was Jinhwan's turn to talk during the last MC
Fans: Kyaaaaaaa
Jinhwan: Why are you kyaing? Is it because I'm just too cool? (little wink)

When they were coming down from the high part of the stage during Wait for Me, Yunhyeong was bowing by himself.

Bobby: (wearing the Jinhwan eye mask) I like my own eyes.
Chanwoo: Bobby, you have eyes?
Bobby: (pretends to kick Chanwoo)
Jinhwan: Aren't you glad your eyes got a bit bigger?
Bobby: (opening his eyes wide) I have eyes!!
Jinhwan: Congratulations!

Talking about the duets
June: Even if we don't ask Yunhyeong for his thoughts, he'll express them with his body.
Yunhyeong: (wiggling) I felt it~ Chanwoo's growth~
June: The order is backwards. It's "I felt Chanwoo's growth" right?

During the last MC
Jinhwan: If you talked about something dumb, I was gonna karate chop you, but you were serious. Can I still do it once though? (karate chops June's head) Enough already!!

Photos credit to masternim on Watermark

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