190810 iKON Japan Tour 2019 at Kobe World Memorial Hall - Day 2

Start 5PM JSt
Killng Me
Rythm Ta (Rock Ver.)
Love Scenario

Translation : Ggumiseul, mindmyownbznz, iKONICMelody, hinazashi

bobby’s hairstyle for today is slick back hair. 

[during ment]
jinhwan: you looks good in this hairstyle, handsome.
bobby: thanks.
jay: you know that i don’t always compliment you about your looks.
bb: yea.
jay: but you look handsome today~

june: chanwoo shouldnt loose
chan(??): i cant do that tho!!!
chan: yunyheong is the most omoshiroi (idk if this is translated funny or interesting in the situation) 
Donghyuk: Yunhyeong's hairstyle today is like ramen style!

June: Jinhwan's into that thing these days. Netprince? Netplix?
Jinhwan: Yeah I'm watching it. But I won't tell you what I'm watching. Since it's rated 18+. They can't watch it? Little kids?

About the digital magazine
Donghyuk: June was cool! More than Jinhwan!
Yunhyeong: Jinhwan is number one!
June: Pisses me off~
Bobby: Jinhwan's legs lol
June: You adjusted them after taking it right?
Jinhwan: I did not!

dong: junhoe and jinan is ikons main vocal u know!!
jinani: what r u doing now
june: wait
june and jinan: *sings*
dong: what was that
jinan: bec youre all so annoying wtf
jinan and june: *sings again*
dong: ok that was ikons main vocals
jinani: the stage is over now so i didnt do so well that time
june: das right
everyone was kinda laughing then bob intervented saying: ok (let's listen??) to ikons incredible vocals now

Junhoe: If you don't exist, we will never exist either.
June: Before we start the next song, I've got a question
Jinan: Don't
June: Are you gonna cry?
Jinan: No
June: Are you planning to?
Jinan: Men don't cry
Bobby : It's hot (in Kobe)

bobby: *in japanese* im not good in japanese but i want to tell y’all that not only iKONIC Japan but every iKONIC, tq for always loving us, tq from the bottom of my heart, tq so much. i hope everyone knows my thankful heart. 😭💗
Donghyuk: Thanks to everyone, children, grandmas, for coming today.

During the encore MC
Jinhwan: Bobby, you're cool.
Bobby: You're cool too, with your pink and pink. Like Jinny-chan.
Jinhwan: (holds up his keychain) I'm Jay.
Bobby: That's pink too!! lol
Jinhwan: I dunno why it's pink lol since the staff made it lol
Bobby: I wanna see Jinny-chan~
Jinhwan: Jinny isn't here.
June: Let's call Jinny-chan!
Fans: Jinny-chaaaan~~
Jinhwan: Pink pink pii~ ♡

Jinan (+ everyone): To all of our iKONICs, WE LOVE YOU!

Quotes from June
"Whether you have fun or not depends on you!"
"We've probably made you wait too long! Let's quickly move on!"
"It is already the end! There is another show tomorrow!"

Photos Credit to Masternim on Watermark

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