190811 Donghyuk Chat on CH+ : He asked iKONIC to not be worry

Trans by Mijingy0o

Donghyuk: Hello iKONIC hello kkk long time no see. This is Donghyuk! What is everyone doing and not sleeping? Me too haha I really, really missed you too. Everyone's healthy, right?? If you sleep with the AC on because it's hot, please be careful not to catch a cold..

Donghyuk: I missed all of you but sorry for coming in so late haha I'm lying on my bed and chatting with you iKONICs now haha Ah kkk yes, go and shower kkk how can you give up showering kkkk iKONICs are cheerful as ever haha ah it's good I feel better to be chatting like this 

Donghyuk: Of cos of cos I'll leave a msg often on konic zone from now on haha but I had been on it. I read all the msgs there n also how you guys have been doing. I had so much I wanted to say and like a blank piece of paper, I'd write it down from now on and talk a lot hahaha 

Donghyuk: We've been diligently doing well, everyone haha the members are all doing well hahahaha you don't have to worry!!  Why do you thank me for chatting! I should be more thankful since you guys had been waiting. We've always been saying to talk comfortably 

Donghyuk: hahahaha but Monday is already here... School vacation hasn't ended, right?? Ah really... School has already reopened... Aigoo... So you have to go to work or go to school tomorrow huh..? It's such a tremendous Monday tomorrow huh?!!! kk 
kkkk what an awesome Monday?!! 

Donghyuk: Eotteoke it'll be tiring... ㅠㅠ  (laugh..) kkkkkk the chat is fast, right kkkk me too kkk every time. If I come into the chat here, I type on my phone like it's on fire kkk I have to type really fast and read really fast kk The timing is important in this chat room kkk 

Donghyuk: There's a hole from 24th to the 1st floor?!! How hard do you have to stomp your feet for this to happen?? That's amazing?? You won't need an elevator then?? A studio apartment with the walls broken down??? Is a studio apt that big?? Isn't that an office? 

Donghyuk: Yes, there is. I'm slow cos I'm reading. No, who kkk I was replying kkk ah kkk Happy birthday!! I was about to tell everyone to watch that drama too. Hotel Del Luna? So, I'm curious. I haven't watched it yet but somehow after watching Hotel Del Luna, I have a feeling 

Donghyuk: that I'll be having a late-night chat with iKONICs here soon... I couldn't watch any movies or drama lately. Toy Story, Spiderman or other dramas, I just couldn't watch any. If you spoil it, that's really too much.. Hey.. noo... he shot spider web n hanged upside down?! 

Donghyuk: Avengers!!!!! Assemble..... I really cried that time... Goose bumps... I can't forget Iron Man's face when Spiderman n Iron Man hugged each other... Sob I feel like crying now too... kkkkk You must really watch it. Endgame is love, everyone. And iKONIC is my everything. 

Donghyuk: And iKONIC is my everything. (A confession out of nowhere..;;) I also watched that. There're those Behind the story n I searched them all.. The story of how Spiderman got casted gave me goose bumps... I don't think I can tell you as there're iKONICs who haven't seen it. 

Donghyuk: Let's have some respect. Now, who is the one who told me about Harry Potter... That iKONIC who talked about Harry Potter in front of me.. It's prohibited, Harry Potter.. Because if I start on it, I need to stay through the night kkkkk 

Donghyuk: There's no Voldemort, only Harry (ah this is a secret..) kkk I'm Haddock... I also watched that n Harry Potter is really... It's even funnier. TMI, ah this one. I really don't want to say this kk but since it's been a long time chatting with iKONICs, I'll talk about it. 

Donghyuk: I watched (Harry Potter) so much that I can really memorise the lines. No, I have a wand in my dorm. I don't have Voldemort's but Harry's (Ah but this is a secret..) kkk I'm a total HP fan... Really... Haa... 

Donghyuk: If you give me a piece of paper and a pen and tell me to write about the world of HP, I can really write it. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I also watched that 

Donghyuk: During winter, ah but kkk It's quite embarrassing ah I suddenly regret this. Can't you pretend it's nothing?? I'm not gonna tell you, I'm sorry ㅠㅠㅠ kkkk ah this is really embarrassing... Ah kkk Just now, someone asked, "Should I (noona) kneel?" kkk iKONICs are witty 

Donghyuk: Ah that's so hilarious kkkkk Alright.. Ah but really, don't make fun of me, it's btwn you n me. Okay?? Don't make fun of me. So... I like HP so much that during winter kkk I put on my earphones n there's this Hogwarts song from the OST. I travelled while listening to it 

Donghyuk: There's this song ah man but I can't sing for you here either. It goes Bbambbambbababam bbambbam bbam~~ It's the song that plays at the beginning of HP. Anyway... ah kkkk Why do you want to give me an owl kkk If you're already going to give me a gift (then Hedwig..) 

Donghyuk: The broom too.. (Nimbus 2002) 
Yard broom oh well...  If you write Nimbus with a marker there, then it's really... 
If you don't know what this is all about, please watch Harry Potter and come back. Please come back after watching two or three times 

Donghyuk: If you don't know what this is about, please watch HP and come back. Please come back after watching two or three times. 

Ah kkkkkkkk Ah man who is Kaonashi? kkkk Why is this so funny

Be quiet Malfoy kkkkk ah that scared me kkkkk Ah anyway, let's stop talking about HP 

Donghyuk: Everyone, let's all talk together hahahaha Why won't we miss kkonics.. Of course we do... We want to see you so much. 

Alcohol?? Eh? I didn't drink..;;? Seonghwak hyung kkkkk ah kkkkkk 

Korea umm... I can't tell you the exact details but! We'll still be able to meet 

Donghyuk: From now on, we'll update more about us on Vapp n SNS, okay?! Ah konic zone too! You want us to do it in the most iKON-ish way?? kk 

Hey, how is that possible? We've never forgotten about iKONICs hahaha of course we can never forget haha 

Donghyuk: Thank you for letting me rely on you guys today too haha!! Um... Don't fall sick, everyone!! Because we'll see each other again, right?! I'll come and hang out often! hehe 

Donghyuk: It's late so everyone should go to bed since you have to go to work or go to school!! 

Thank you and thank you again haha 

Let's go and sleep!! 

Good night all!! I'll come and play again!! 

Trans and ss by Hanbinsdimple

hi our ikonics
hi ㅎㅎㅎ it’s been a while
it’s donghyuk!
what were all of you doing, not sleeping yet?
me too ㅎㅎ i missed you so so much
none of you are ill or anything right?? 
if you go to sleep with the AC on you’ll get sick you have to be careful..
ㅎㅎㅎㅎ someone said they can beat and break everything up ㅋㅋ
i can see how healthy you are okok ㅋㅋ
i missed all of you
sorry sorry for coming late ㅎㅎ
i’m lying in bed chatting with ikonics ㅎㅎ 
ahㅋㅋ go finish showering ㅋㅋ what are you gonna do if you stop showering in the middle of itㅋㅋㅋ
ikonics are still so funny ㅎㅎ it’s so nice i feel like i can live now that i’ve talked to ikonics like this
then i’ll stop by ikonic zone more often and make more posts now ㅎ 
but i was always looking at your posts on ikonic zone i was reading all of them and seeing how everyone was doing
if you had a lot of things to say but your mind is suddenly blank
then you can just start remembering and saying them now as we talk together ㅎㅎㅎ 

thanking me for talking to you ! i’m more thankful to you, i know everyone was waiting for me 
just relax and talk freely just like we always do
oh but monday is already upon us..
you’re still on vacation right??
oh really... it’s back to school already... 

oh no...
then that means tomorrow you have to go to work and school..?
then it’s a super important monday tomorrow?!!! ㅋㅋ 

ㅋㅋㅋ it’s a massively important
oh no, you’re going to be so tired... ㅠㅠ

the conversations go by fast, right ㅋㅋ
for me too ㅋㅋ every time
i come in here to chat, my typing is on fire ㅋㅋㅋ
you have to type really fast and read really fast in here ㅋㅋ timing is important in this chatroom 

(replying to ikonics now)
there’s a hole from the 24th floor to the first floor?!!
how do i have to roll my feet to get like that??
thats amazing, you wouldn’t even need an elevator then!!
you broke all the walls and made the house into one room?? 

(still replying to ikonics)
your one room is that big?? is it actually an office?
yes i have it
i’m slow because
i’m reading chats
no someone said ㅋㅋ 

i was replying to what someone said ㅋㅋ
happy birthday!!
oh yeah i was going to recommend a drama
hotel deluna?
i’m curious but i haven’t watched it yet 

i have a feeling
i’m going to watch hotel deluna soon
and have a late chat about it with ikonics here..
i haven’t watched any new movies or dramas recently 

toy story, spiderman, all the dramas
i haven’t seen anything if you spoil it that’s not it... ay... that’s not it... 

he shoots spiderwebs and hangs upside down?!!
i actually cried watching it..
i got goosebumps.. 

thinking about the movie now i think i’m going to tear up again..
you must watch it seriously
end game is ❤️, everyone
and ikonics are my everything 

(my sudden confession..;;)
i saw that too the
behind the scenes clips those kinds of things that were uploaded
i looked for and watched all of those.
the story of how spiderman got casted gave me goosebumps... 

i don’t think i should tell you the story
there might still be ikonics that haven’t watched it yet
let’s respect them 

brought up harry potter
the ikonic that just mentioned harry potter..
harry potter is a forbidden word
because when i start talking about it
i’ll stay up all night ㅋㅋㅋ
i watched it so many times i memorized all the lines
no i actually have a wand
at the dorms 

i don’t have voldemort’s i only have harry’s
(ah this was supposed to be a secret..)
i’m totally a harry potter fanboy..

if you give me a piece of paper and a pen
and tell me to write everything about the world of harry potter
i can really write it
the dictionary of magical creatures (?)
i watched all that too 

harry potter is really...
a more funnu
ah this one, i really dont tell people about this ㅋㅋ
but because i haven’t talked to ikonics in a while 
i’ll tell you
in the wintertime
ah but ㅋㅋ this story is a little embarassing 

wait i suddenly regret this
can you guys pretend like you didn’t hear me?? i don’t want to say the story anymore
i’m sorry ㅠㅠㅠㅋㅋㅋ
ah it’s so embarassing..
ahㅋㅋㅋ someone just said
“should i get on my knees and beg?”
ikonics’ sense of humorㅋㅋ
i just laughed out loud 

okay.. okay..
but in return
don’t make fun of me and let’s keep it between you and me
seriously don’t make fun of me
i love harry potter so much
that in winter
ㅋㅋi have my earphones in and you know the harry potter ost, the hogwarts song
i go around listening to that 

you know that one, ah it’s not like i can sing it for you here
bambambababam bambam bam~~~
the song that comes out when harry potter starts
anyways that song...
ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 

why would you gift me an owlㅋㅋ
if you’re going to get me one anyways (get me hedwig...)
and a broomstick too.. (the nimbus 2002)
oh a cleaning broom.. i see.. (t/n: i guess someone offered to give their cleaning broom instead LOL) 

and if you use nimbus for the name pen then wow.. (t/n: sorry idk harry potter idk what this means 😭)
if you don’t know what we’re talking about go watch harry potter go watch it two, three times 

ah who just mentioned kaonashi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ why are you so funny
and shut up malfoyㅋㅋㅋㅋ
ah you surprised meㅋㅋㅋ
anyways let’s stop here for now
no more harry potter for now
let’s all talk together everyone
(t/n: he didnt want anyone to feel left out) 

why wouldn’t i want to see my k-konics.. of course i do...
you don’t know how much i want to see you
alcohol?? i didn’t drink any alchohol..;;
how is sunghwak hyung doingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
korea hm..
well i can’t tell you exactly yet but
we will be able to see each other 

why wouldn’t i want to see my k-konics.. of course i do...
you don’t know how much i want to see you
alcohol?? i didn’t drink any alchohol..;;
how is sunghwak hyung doingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋahㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
korea hm..
well i can’t tell you exactly yet but
we will be able to see each other 

hey, don’t talk like that
we have never forgotten about our ikonics
we’ll never be able to forget 

thank you for letting me lean on you again today!! hm..
don’t get sick all of you!! because we’ll see each other soon right?!
i’ll come here often ! hehhe
it’s late, everyone should go to sleep because you have to go to school and work!! 

thank you and thank you again ㅎㅎ
let’s go to sleep!!
goodnight everyone!! i’ll come and see you again!! 

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