190812 iKON Japan Tour 2019 at Kobe World Memorial Hall - Day 4

iKON Japan Tour 2019 in Kobe Translation
Credit trans : hinazashi

Jinhwan: Chan
Chanwoo: Yes, I'm Chan!
Jinhwan: What have you been up to lately?
Chanwoo: Lately I've been exercising.
Yunhyeong: Lies! Lies! Definitely a lie! Deeeefinitely a lie!!!

June: Everyone knows what we've been doing so let's say what we did in the dressing room.
?: Okay then, Jinhwan.
Jinhwan: Ehh~ What did I do?
Bobby: You punched me!
Jinhwan: YOU punched ME! June was just singing the whole time.
June: Lalalaaalalaaalove song!
Jinhwan: Singing it once is fine, but he sings it 100 times.
June: The staff were also making faces like "this again?" lol

June: Are you guys hyped up?! Whether you have fun or not depends on you! We won't force you!
Jinhwan: Um, excuse me, would you mind shutting up? lol

During junhwan's duet they laughed--when Jinhwan and June moved closer together, June had a worried expression, so Jinhwan laughed.
Bobby: Why did you guys laugh?
Jinhwan: Because June did first!
June: Jinhwan laughed first!!
Jinhwan: Sorry about that lol

June: Can I say a famous quote? Working hard is the same as pooping. You do it every day, you use water, you don't show other people. 
iKON & Fans: Ohhh!
Jinhwan: But I don't do that. I don't poop. I mean, I'm a fairy! lol

Jinhwan: (in dialect) What're you looking at. Bobby, are you copying me? (Jinhwan has on the headband)
Bobby: I been doin this since Fukuoka! You're the one in the wrong!
Jinhwan: I see

During the encore

Jinhwan: Guys, we're gonna get even more pumped now!
June: Eh? More?
Jinhwan: Even more
June: I think I was hyped up enough.
Jinhwan: Even more!
June: More?
Jinhwan: No no!! Even more!!

Bobby: I don't know when we'll come back, and of course we will come back, but thanks for all the beautiful memories in Kobe! I got one thing I wanna try! 30yo! 40yo! 50yo! Ohh! 60yo! Ohh!! Thanks! I'll work hard!!

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All photos credit to masternim on Watermark


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