iKON Bobby at Asian Sound Syndicate (ASS Vol.1) in Jakarta | 190831

photo by hoebaby
  Thankyou iKONIC to come and support Bobby in Jakarta 🤗

Bobby : hello my name is Bobby from iKON. Jakarta is so freakin hot, it's also because of you all guys.

Before singing Runaway
"Who want to runnaway like me? I wrote this song when I was desperate, disappointed in my life, frustrated, devastated. Not like that now. But for those heartbroken, I know what you’re feeling. I just wanna runnaway, you know what I mean?"

While singing Runaway
"It will be alright"

"I just wanna say sorry to people who came here to party but here's some random dude singing emotional songs I just wanna apologize ok we're about to party” 

1. Holup
2. Full House
3. Tendae 
4. Runaway
5. Up
6. Go
8. Holup

Photos credit to the owner on watermark

Bobby - Up

Bobby - YGGR & Holup

Bobby - Go

Bobby - Full House

Bobby - Tendae

Bobby - Runaway

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