iKON Japan Tour 2019 : Nagoya Day-1 | 190821

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  Translation : syh_bae


They sang 2 songs for rehearsal today. Jerk and Don’t Let Me Know. Even just for rehearsal junhoe’s powerful voice is no joke. Junhoe’s outfit similar to 1 of his ig post all black with white sneakers. When he introduced DLMK, he said “Don’t Let Me Know de gozaimasu” so cute lol -sexyhot0331 

Trans by : mindmyownbznz, hinazashi

Junhoe: Everyone having fun? On the third floor? Don't fall from there pls
Dong: Been a while since we did a tour (here). I feel great. Thank you for coming.
Jinan: How is it today? Chanu?
Chanu: ...
Jinan: You're taking too long!!
Bobby: We went to LA. I felt happy.
And then he talked about Raon coming in October... again πŸ˜†
Jinan: Donghyuk is so sexy today
Junhoe: I'm hungry. There's Matsuya in the changing room.
(I think he's talking about Matsuya the restaurant chain -- they do make awesome gyudon πŸ˜†)

June: Yunhyeong took a vid of Donghyuk dancing
Yun: Coz he's so cool
Jinan: Why do u take a vid?
Yun: To practice it myself
Jinan: Liar!
June: What were u doing in your room all by yourself watching a vid of Donghyuk..?

LMAO June said, "Sorry but teasing Yunhyeong is my most favorite thing to do in the world, LOL"

Junhwan talking about Cherry -
June was satisfied with the performance, recalling the concert in Kobe in which he burst out laughing and couldn't sing.
They did an accapella while walking, and spread their arms wide like in musicals.
June: Let's do it like this starting tomorrow!

June couldn't remember the phrase "digital photo magazine"
June: Digital...pota...?
Jinhwan: Photo!
June: Digital photo... megazine?
Jinhwan: Magazine!

June: Doing the encore is not set in stone. If you guys don't do the encore call, we won't come out. So you have to take responsibility and make sure you do it. The encore is not something we'll do for certain!
Jinhwan: Yessir, sensei!

While Jinhwan was singing the chorus for Just For You, Bobby made a loud noise with his mic. He was like "sorry bro" to Jinhwan who was next to him, and Jinhwan smiled.

Bobby & Yunhyeong were in tanktops
Donghyuk: You guys also have kinda similar hairstyles, so today you're like twins~
June: I think Bobby's in a tanktop just because he's hot, but Yunhyeong just wants to show off his muscles.

Junhwan about Cherry:
Jinan: Today we did well didn't we? I'm satisfied (with our performace) ♡
June: I'm satisfied too. I survived.
Jinan: Eh?
June: While I was singing I thought of our last day in Kobe where I laughed and couldn't sing. That's why, I was like (making a face like he was holding back his laughter while singing)

June: Jinan-san is really good in Japanese, right? Do u know the difference between fried shrimp and shrimp tempura?
Jinan: Eh..
June: Yesterday we went to eat miso katsu, right? I wanted to eat shrimp tempura but they gave me fried shrimp.
Jinan: And the difference is?
June: Fried shrimp tastes healthier! Shrimp tempura has a stronger taste, kind of? Am I wrong? LOL

Photos credit to masternim on Watermark. Please don't crop the watermark when you re-upload the photos.

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