iKON Japan Tour 2019 : Nagoya Day-3 | 190823

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trans by : Ggumiseul
OP (jinhwan’s cosplayer) went to today’s con, while OP was entering the venue, she met jinhwan’s mom & sis, they eye contacted & they were in shock. jinhwan’s mom pointed at OP & said what happened to you/ what are you doing here jinan?
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Talks, credit trans : mindmyownbznz, hinazashi
Live report credit : jinhwan426, sexygnani, 6tooooooth

June: We prepared for this tour for around 3 months
Jinan: I don't think it's around 3 months...
June: Correction, it's about 1.5 months
Jinan: Don't lie when you're up on stage

Jinan: Everyone must be wondering what we've been doing to spend time lately, right?
June: Everyone, how did u spend time?
Jinan: 1 day won't be enough to let everybody talk
June: I'd like to try that someday while eating hitsumabushi
Jinan: It's a lie, isn't it
June: It's a lie

Bobby: Did everyobe get nervous before getting up on stage?
June: I don't get nervous, I get worried
June: But it's better to be a little bit nervous. Coz u make mistakes.
Jinan: You're just talking about yourself.

Jinan: Yunhyeong, what were u doing to spend time?
Yun: I spent time by thinking about iKONICs (he's being ambiguous)
Jinan: Yunhyeong, it's the last day here in Nagoya so please tell the truth that's worth for a last day. Stop acting.

Jinan: We did unit stage for the first time, how was it? Everyone?
Jinan: I thought u were gonna sing..
June: (starts singing) Kimi wo suki de yokatta!
Jinan: That song (lol)
June: (singing with the audience)
Jinan: You guys are hyping this song more than iKON's!!

Jinhwan & June sang an opera version of 3gatsu9ka
?: You can do it!
?: What about a rock version?
Jinhwan: We can do rock too but not now.
Fans: Ehhhhhh
Jinhwan: If you want to hear it, next is Sendai so come to Sendai.

June: I ate spicy ramen before coming today so my stomach hurts. There was level one, level five, and level ten, and I went with five, but it was super spicy.
Jinhwan: What're you gonna do? Go to the bathroom?
June: I can't go to the bathroom during 3gatsu9ka

June told fans to sing with them during Don't Forget, so they did. During Donghyuk's part (kesanaide~), he didn't sing and instead listened to the fans sing. ;;

June: Your smiles are what heal me.
Jinhwan: Let's be happy until we die?

June: I lost to Dong-chan in Japan
Jinan: So?
June: I think all fans in Japan are happy to see Dong-chan (ambiguous). But I won in Korea!
Chanu: I lost in all places!
The others: Ah--!

Ment after Just Another Boy
Bobby: I feel more than satisfied. Thank you for coming and creating beautiful and wonderful memories in Nagoya! 

Speech before JERK
Yunhyeong: I and iKONICs will be together for the rest of my life
Chanu: I want to continue singing forever for iKONICs

Jinan was coughing, and then
June: Did u drink too much highball (alcohol drink)?
Jinan: My mom is here, stop talking about that!
Jinan's mom and sister came today

June: Are you guys having fun?! Having fun, first floor?! Second floor, having fun?! Third floor, having fuuuuun?!
Yunhyeong: June are you having fun?!?!
June: Yes.

They asked Yunhyeong to say his speech again
Jinan (to Yun): You want to, don't you?
June: Yes! Do it please! Do it brightly please!
Yun: It's dangerous to be near (June)...

Talking about Yunhyeong's body
Bobby: Everyday in the changing room (he puffs out his chest and) he asks me to touch it! Touch it!
Yun: How is it?
Bobby: It's hard!

During the first MC Bobby suddenly holds up his hand and says, "I have a question!" He asks the other members if they felt nervous before going up on stage. And then June answers, "I'm totally not nervous! I'm so not nervous it actually worries me!!"

June says, "But I think it's better to be a little bit nervous because we all make mistakes." Hearing that, Jinan says, "(Making mistakes) is your thing, though. Thank goodness you know yourself well."

The reason why Bobby asked this was because the other day Chanu asked him the same thing. And Bobby answered he didn't get nervous at all. "This place (the stage) is my bedroom!!" he shouted that and then laid down on the stage.

Yunhyeong went to do muscle training too since morning today
Bobby: Which part did you train?
Yun: Chest!
Bobby: Chest! Show us!
Yun: I'm still embarrassed about showing my chest 
Bobby: Oh really now

Chanu: I went to sleep at 8 a.m. I kept thinking about what to say to iKONICs that I couldn't sleep...
Yun: LIAR!!!

Bobby said Jinan was sexy adult type, and Donghyuk was sexy teenager. And then June said, "Japanese people like Donghyuk! I remember losing to Donghyuk in the vote during Mix&Match! I haven't forgotten until today! But I won in Korea!!"

And then Chanu said, "But I lost in all the votes!" And the hyungs laughed. But now that they've become iKON they are all the same. And then everybody went to hug Chanu.

The song that Junhoe was suddenly singing (the "kimi wo suki de yokatta") was Ulfuls' 'Banzai (Suki de Yokatta)'

Photos credit to Masternim on watermarks

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  1. I love seeing them performing happily, giving out their best for each passing day. But Im still waiting for 7kon, I will not give up.


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