iKON Japan Tour 2019 : Sendai | 190825

The last iKON Japan Tour 2019 in the month of August was held at Xebio Arena Hall Sendai, Miyagi. Like the previous Japan tour in several cities in Japan, iKON Japan Tour tickets in Sendai were also sold out.

iKON Japan Tour 2019 is still not over, in September there will be iKON Japan Tour in Chiba and Osaka. Get the tickets immediately at ygex.jp

Credit trans : Mindmyownbznz, Hinazashi, ferishwheel, junhwan_nation

June: Yesterday I ran for 1 hour & walked to downtown but noone recognized me. I didn't even wear mask or hat (his voice sounded like sulky baby ๐Ÿ˜‚
Jinan: How do you think about June today?
Fans:So cool!!!
Jinan: Let's give him applause!

Junhoe : One day, I wanna do a talk show for about 2 hours 30 minutes and let the other members stay there(without doing anything). ๐Ÿ˜‚

June: The main act in a concert isn't us. It's all of you. The true charm of a concert isn't our songs. It's all of your voices.

Jinhwan: Sensei, don't you have any famous sayings for us today?
June: I do indeed. Everyone said everything I wanted to say, so I'll just say a quote. There's a saying that 'haste makes waste (when you're in a hurry, take your time)', but please have room in your heart at any time. People who don't have room in their heart have no charm.

June: Even though it's our first time coming to Sendai, so many people came, so thank you. Let's jump right into the next song...or maybe not. I'm not in the best condition today lol
Jinhwan: Let's go on! 

June: There was something that really hurt me. After arriving in Sendai today I ran 10km. It takes about an hour to run 10km. However! No one! Recognized me! Even though! I didn't wear a hat! Or a mask! Or anything like that!! I even went all the way downtown! For an hour?!

After Donghyuk sexily did the "ah yeah" at the beginning of Firework

Jinhwan: Jinhwan is the sexy one though
Donghyuk: Enough
Jinhwan: My sexiness is 18+ though
Bobby: Okay then show us your 18+ sexiness
Jinhwan: Young people, close your eyes. Ahh, Chanwoo, close your eyes. Okay here I go. (takes off his tie and starts undoing his buttons while sexily saying "ah yeah")
Bobby & Yunhyeong(?): (go to stop him)

Yunhyeong: Bobby-san, your hairstyle is cool
Bobby: Thanks, yours too
And then they highfived

Bobby: This is our first time in Sendai, right? My heart is beating fast
Jinan: Me too

?: Have u worked out today?
Yun: No I haven't. Coz I'm gonna do it here (on stage)!
?: Ok then do it now
Yun: *does push up*
June: *says something to Yun*
Yun: Okay now June do it
June: Shut up! Shut uuuppp!!
Yun: Scary (lmao)

Jinan: Dong-chan
Dong: Yes, Dong-chan right here ♡
Jinan: How was your unit stage with Bobby?
Dong: It was great ♡
Jinan: You're becoming more and more sexy with each time you do the unit stage. It's different with Bobby, though.

June: Dong-chan's only weapon is dance!
Jinan: Don't use 'only', that means he just has 'one' (weapon)
And then June said it again correctly, "Dong-chan's weapon is dance."

?: Ok Bobby introduce the next song
Bobby: Let June do it
June: What's the next song? I have no idea about the flow of this concert! Ah, it's this. Don't Forget.

-Ment after JAB-
June: Sendaaai! I'm glad I like yooou (kimi wo suki de yokatta)
iKONICs: (continues singing) Kono mama zutto zutto shinu made happy~
June: You didn't have to sing after me though (lol)
Jinan: That's right! Today is iKON's concert! (Laughs cutely)

Bobby: First time being in Sendai, thank you for creating awesome memories with us. After today, whenever I think of Sendai only awesome memories won't remain... will most likely remain!
(He missed a word and then fixed it ๐Ÿ˜†)

Bobby wore June tshirt (he said, "Look at my tshirt! Look!")
June - Yun tshirt
Dong - Jinan tshirt (when he was singing his part he put a mic in front of Jinan's face on the tshirt)
Jinan - Chanu tshirt
Yun - Bobby tshirt
Chanu - Dong tshirt

-Ment after Just for You-
Yun: We're wearing other members tshirt
June: Why! Why (do I have to wear Yun's tshirt)!
Yun: Do you like me?
June: Uh.. no no no!!
Yun: Sorry, though? Coz I like Bobby!

Jinan: I came up with the idea for us to wear other members tshirt
Bobby: As expected, our big bro
Jinan: Since I'm the oldest I'm wearing the youngest tshirt (he strokes Chanu's face on his tshirt). Now I'm gonna punch him (punches Chanu's face on his tshirt).

-Ment after Love Scenario at encore'
Jinan: We're going home tomorrow, I already want to see you again. Let's meet each other again!

Preview photos Credit to Masternim on watermark


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