iKON 2019 Chuseok / Thanksgiving Message

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"Hi iKONIC, the year is almost ending. I hope you’ll wrap up the year well and enjoy this Thanksgiving Day with your loved ones. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day Yoohoo from Jinan

"Happy Thanksgiving Day, everyone!!
Have a great rest and eat like a professional!! 
From Jiwoni!! Keke"

“Everybody, it’s Yunhyeong!! 
Have a prosperous Thanksgiving!!
Eat a lot of rice cake (Songpyeon) with your family. All of you will always stand by Song Yunhyeong because “Songpyeon” Keke
Happy Thanksgiving!! 

“Everyone, I hope this Thanksgiving will be a happier and more enjoyable one than any other Thanksgiving before. Eat a lot of delicious food and cheer up!
- Junhoe - “

"I hope you have a happy and prosperous Thanksgiving Day with your family ♡
Eat lots of delicious food, iKONICs ♡
From Donghyuk!"

"Do eat a lot of delicious food and exercise too. I love you~ ^.^
- iKON Chanwoo -"

They are missing one members. Here are leader's messages for you iKONIC 😭

"I'm B.I. 
Hi. The weather is turning cooler.
Do put on some warm clothes. Eat lots of delicious food and have a great holiday. 
- from Team B Leader B.I"
Happy Chuseok all~ 🥰

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1 Response to "iKON 2019 Chuseok / Thanksgiving Message"

  1. hii Admin. i am ikonic from Malaysia. i wanted to say thankkk youu very very much because handle this web page delightfully T.T
    Thank you! u worked hard!
    i miss uri leader so much,i miss my usual 7kon.
    lets keep hoping for 7 of them,lets be together in this ok? :')
    thank you! <3


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