iKON 4th Debut Anniversary Messages #4EverWith7Kon

iKON's Voice Message on iKONIC Zone for 4th Anniversary (Mijingy0o Trans)

Jinhwan : 

Hello, I’m Jinhwan. It’s already iKON’s 4th anniversary! Thank you for being with us these four years. When I’m on stage, I feel energised when I look at all of your faces. I hope you’ll keep smiling a lot. Please cheer for us in the future as well. Let’s see each other for a long time. I love you.

Bobby : 

Hi, this is Jiwon. It's already our 4th anniversary. Time really flies. I don't know what to say. Firstly, I'd like to say thank you. Don't fall sick wherever you are. 

I wanna say thank you for staying together with us. Fighting for the things that you’re currently doing. I do hope that the things that we’re doing will at least give you a little bit of motivation. 

Since we're receiving lots of support from iKONIC, I hope we’ll help each other n promise to have happier days. Thank you, n thanks for being with us these 4 yrs. Do cheer for us in the future! Thank you. From Jiwon. 

Junhoe :

I’m Junhoe! It’s already our 4th anniversary. There were times when it was really tough and times when we were really happy. There were many different times like that, but becos all of you were here during the hard times, we were able to persevere. During the happy times, we felt even happier because you were here with us. I hope we’ll be able to keep continuing being together in the future. 

I’m always thankful with a loving heart. We’ll absolutely never disregard the love from our fans. I’ll always cherish this and be thankful more than anything else. 

Chanwoo : 

Hi iKONIC! It’s Chanwoo. Firstly, a very happy 4th anniversary to iKON! Although it’s a celebration for us, it’s also a celebration for our iKONICs, so I sincerely thank you very much. 

It must be hard on you guys for sticking by us these 4 years. I want to congratulate you too. The moment that gave me the most support from iKONICs was when I found out that you guys have waited for me. I felt really encouraged at that time. There are many incidents, such as during our concert, I felt really happy when I realised that iKONICs really waited so long for me and also waited like that for us iKON. 

I felt that I received good energy from iKONICs. I love you guys so, so much and happy 4th anniversary! If you wait a little bit more, iKON will be back with a greater image. See you!

Yunhyeong : 

Hi everyone! It’s Yunhyeong. The moment that gave me the most support from iKONICs was, of course, it’s really hard to choose because you give me support every moment.

However, if I have to choose the moment that gave me the most encouragement, it would be when I was tired and having a hard time. Whenever that happened, I told myself, “Ah, I can’t be like that . There are so many people and iKONICs who are cheering for us, I must be strong.” I think I endured the hard times by thinking this way. I gained a lot of strength by relying on iKONIC that much.

It’s already our 4th anniversary! During these 4 years, although there were many good things that happened, the bad things, and also many heartbroken things, 

Whenever that happened, we relied on each other and just like the lyrics in our songs, I hope we’ll walk together slowly and for a long time. I really thank you a lot and I love you, iKONICs.

Donghyuk :

Hi, iKONIC! This is iKON’s Donghyuk. I’m curious if everyone’s doing well, eating well n staying healthy. Before we know it, it’s already 4 years. Congrats congrats! Thank you for always waiting by our side.

There’s no one like iKONICs who love us like this. I don't know how thankful I am to have someone whom I can love for no reason, especially when the most precious thing to us is iKONIC. 

That is such a huge blessing and relief. Recently, I was looking at the videos and photos of us from our first concert to now. We really gained a lot of memories together. We smiled together, we played together, we chatted together. On the other hand, we also cried together and consoled each other. The very amazing thing was that whenever I looked at the videos and photos, 

I could recall all of those moments vividly. I also felt really happy to be with iKONICs during these times. I think that is why I really miss everyone recently.

We still have a lot of chapters left to write together in the future, so I really anticipate the upcoming moments that we’ll be making together. Don’t go anywhere and keep staying by my side. Understand?

I really look forward to the upcoming days that we’ll have together and I’ll be waiting for it. I’ll definitely not go anywhere and stay by iKONIC’s side. I’m always thankful and I love you. 

Although it’s our 4th anniversary, congratulations to iKONICs too! I really, really miss you a lot. I’ll see you very soon. I promise. Let’s meet while smiling. I love you, see you!

4th Anniversary Special thanks to
(Trans : syh_bae)

iKON 4th Anniversary Drawing Quiz

Trans by : syh_bae

Congrats on 4th anniversary for both iKON and iKONIC!
I hope iKONIC will always live in days that fill with happiness!
We too are working hard in order to fill a portion of your happiness!
My precious,
My adorable,
Always in my thought,
I love you iKONIC


Whatever you're doing, everyone, cheer up. I hope this gonna be a little bit of a driving force for what you’re doing.  Since we (iKON) are greatly encouraged by iKONIC, I hope we can be the driving force for each other and have happy days ahead of us.

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