iKON Japan Tour 2019 - Osaka Day 1 | 190918

Translation : Hinazashi

Jinhwan: A lot of things have happened this year, but... we'll always be together.

Yunhyeong: Why is it so hot?
Jinhwan: But you haven't sweat at all
June: Yunhyeong is really a huge pervert.
June: Pervert lol

June: Personally, I love Osaka, personally. Because Downtown is here. I look up to Downtown.

June: We spent the last six months practicing nonstop.
Jinhwan: Six months? That's going too far.
June: Let's just say six months. It's not like they know.
Jinhwan: They do know.
June: It was actually about a month.
Jinhwan: Don't freaking lie!

Bobby: My nephew is coming in October. I'm looking forward to it.
Jinhwan: He's coming to Korea, right?
Bobby: That's right
Jinhwan: You've gotta take a picture with him and upload it to Instagram.
Bobby: Yeah, I've gotta, I've gotta

June: I love Osakans
Jinhwan: A sudden confession lol
June: How they don't lie and just say things straight! How they don't hide things! It's like me! So I love them!

Bobby: What've you been up to lately, Jinhwan?
Jinhwan: I've been muscle training.
Bobby: Okay, got it! Let's go to the next song!
June: Jinhwan hasn't been muscle training, he's been drinking highballs

Jinhwan: How has your first unit stage been? Bobby?
Bobby: I could see my skills gradually improving so it felt good.

June: Do you guys know about meditation? Yes, yes, meditation. I meditated in the dressing room, and I'd like to recommend it.
(everyone except Bobby sits down, closes their eyes, and starts meditating)
Bobby: (mouthing in Korean) What is this?!

Donghyuk: Osaka's the last show so go with a rap version!
June: Ah~ There's no TV!
Jinhwan: No TV!
June: No radio either! Not many bicycles too! No pianos! And no bars!
Jinhwan: It's fine if there are no pianos, but I want there to be bars!

The rap version was too hard so June & Jinhwan did a cute version as per Yun's suggestion

Jinhwan: Bobby, you seeing something you don't like?
Bobby: No no
Jinhwan: How was June? Cute?
Bobby: Yeah
Jinhwan: Did you like it?
Bobby: I did
Jinhwan: Did you love it?
Bobby: Ah~ C'mon!

Wearing the colored sunglasses during the encore

Jinhwan: I'm pink!
Bobby: I'm blue!
Donghyuk: Yellow!
Yunhyeong: I don't have a color lol
Chanwoo: Blue!
June: And I'm dumb!

June: Can you go on to the next one?
Jinhwan: Let's take a quick break
June: Yeah, let's take a break
Jinhwan: Isn't talking like this good too?
Bobby: Oi! Tiny old man!
Jinhwan: Sorry for being 25~

Photos credit to masternim on watermark

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