iKON JAPAN TOUR 2019 FINAL - OSAKA D2 | 190919 #iKONお疲れ様でした

Trans by  Hinazashi, MindMyOwnBussines

June: I wanna move on right away, but can you do it? You okay?
Jinhwan: Who are you asking?
June: You. Since your stamina's gone down these days.
?: Gramps!

Chanwoo: Yesterday I went out for pizza with that guy (Bobby). We've gotten close recently.
Jinhwan: This late?
Chanwoo: Next is June
Bobby: Yesterday he didn't call me Bobby, he called me dummy
Jinhwan: That's true, he said pabo-hyung, not Bobby
Bobby: Hey!

Jinhwan: Yunhyeong's already got his jacket off for the greeting
June: Pervert
Yunhyeong: I wanted to be hoso-macho, but I'm just beefy, huh?
June: Yunhyeong isn't hoso-macho, he's a pervert

Jinhwan: I won't decide if I'm satisfied or not on my own. I won't decide myself, so how was I, guys? Can I be satisfied?
Fans: Yay~
Jinhwan: Okay then I'll be satisfied
June: You're and unexpectedly easy guy

Photos credit to masternim on watermark

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