191019 iKON Japan Fanmeeting 2019 - HIROSIMA

Trans by : mindmyownbznz

June: We are MCs but (it's because) we're pretty good in Japanese
Jinan: We are good in Japanese aren't we???
June: But the sound from the ear monitor is terrible
Jinan: Mine?
June: No, mine

June: There's a lot of great things we can have by being MCs
Jinan: What's that?
June: We can save up extra money..
Jinan: Are you seriously saying that
June: I am. I'm saying this for real.

June: There were times when the 2 of us would talk in Japanese
Audience: Eeeh!!
June: For example, when we were badmouthing the other members
Audience: LOL
June: It won't be fun if everyone shows up altogether. So we will call them up 1 by 1.

The 1st guest is Bobby-kun
Jinan: He looks like an American Star
Bobby: I am (an American Star)! *puts his feet up on the table*
Jinan: What have you been up to lately~? *also puts his feet up on the table*

The 2 looked like delinquents compared to June who was sitting normally

Bobby: I went to the beach
June: You took some photos, right
Bobby: I did, together with our stylist
June: Everyone, don't get him wrong. Our stylist is a guy.

Last night Bobby came to June's room, looking kinda drunk saying "I need some booze", "give me some booze". After June gave him some liquor, Bobby said, "Ok, good night/sleep tight" and left. It sounded like June wanted to drink with him (when he was talking about this).

Jinan: Did you wanna have a drink with Bobby (last night)?
June: I did
Bobby: Ah! But we drank together recently!
June: We did, we drank in the dorm. We talked and had a deep conversation.. (embarrassed/shy)

June: I heard Bobby-san talking about the movie 'Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice)', that it's a movie about life
Bobby: Have you watched it?
June: I wanted to. I haven't watched it.
Jinan: What are you saying?
June: I just wanted to tell you guys about it!

Bobby: (Recently I'm really into) drinking alcohol and watching movies all by myself...
June: Me too. Since lately Jinan-san kept refusing to drink together with me.
Jinan: It's coz you're a bit annoying lately...

June (Evasive mode): Everyone is our fans, aren't you? I uploaded a movie poster in instagram, 'Kill Bill', that is also a movie about life.
Jinan: Ok, we get it
June: Tokyo! It was shot in Tokyo! Papapa~n.. *starts singing*
Jinan: We've got no time! It's written on the prompter!

June: It said on the prompter, "Please call up the next guest". "There is no time, June-san please stop."

Jinan: Our next guest is... Song-san! 
Lately Jinan has a habitual way of calling 'Song-san' that is really cute

Yunhyeong: I was watching from the back but you (June) were really taking so much time!!
June: No, but uh, I was just, having a bunch of really serious talk with the fans here (making excuses)

Jinan: You changed your hairstyle, right
Yun: I did
June: Your hair is black, (it makes me think) Huh? Why is that? Are you imitating me?
Yun: Please don't misunderstand

Yun: I went to Bali together with Jinan-san 
June: What did you guys do in Bali?
Yun: Well, among other things, we drank
Jinan: That's not all we did... (looking adorably sad)

June: Jinan-san has always been drinking with me, so it makes me wonder what he did when he was drinking with Yunhyeong-san..
Yun: I kept waiting for Jinan to finish drinking
Jinan: You... You were waiting?

Bobby: Did Jinan also cry when he was drinking with Yunhyeong?
Jinan: I did not cry..
Bobby: You always cried when you were drinking with me. ALWAYS.
Jinan: We keep talking about drinking, let's talk about something else, ok?

June: What have you been up to lately?
Yun: No no, (the rest of the members) are waiting! Let's just continue!
June: But it's included in this corner!

Yunhyeong wanted to continue and call up the next member, so he said quickly, "You already know what I've been up to lately! It's muscle training!!"

Jinan: Our next guest is! ..... you know him, of course? It's Dong-chan! ♡♡

Donghyuk appeared with a middle parted, permed hairstyle
Audience: Kyaaaa!!
Dong: Yeeeessss! This is DK ♡
Audience: Kyaaaaaa!!!

June: Your hairdo looks like Bobby-san's
Dong: I've been wanting to try to get my hair permed, but Bobby-san has been having permed hair for a while... but I look more handsome with it
Jinan: You look good with this hairdo ♡

June: What have you been up to lately?
Dong: Ah... um... (can't think of the Japanese words to express his answer)
June: Ok then I'll change the question. What do you live for? (A sudden heavy question)
Dong: ....... eh? (Completely baffled)

Jinan: (suddenly coughing)
June: Are you ok?
Jinan: It's this smoke on the stage...
June: I'm fine, though? Even though I've been talking non stop.
Jinan: Right. So why don't you stop?

Chanwoo appeared on stage
June: Please introduce yourself in a different way. For example, what's your fave type.
Jinan: (Providing Japanese example) I'm Chanu.. I'm tall..
Chanu: The type I like is short people
Jinan: Why are you looking at me while saying that?

iKON advice corner
Q: My brother is the same age as Jinan-kun and his fashion style is lame
Dong: I think it'll be good to add accessories to a simple look
Jinan: (same as Dong)
June: Black & white can never go wrong
Jinan: But June is said to have a lame fashion style tho?

Yun: I think if you wanna be fashionable like Jinan-san then you should wear expensive stuff
June: He's a rich guy at heart. We work and earn money together but he spends a lot more than any of us.
Jinan: You only live once, so might as well enjoy it!!

Q: I confessed to the person that I like, but I don't know if I got rejected or not

Bobby: I guess you got rejected
Dong: It's ok, you've got us
June: It's life!
Dong: Ok ok we get it, we get it!

Jinan: I don't think this person was rejected
June: You're saying that coz you've never been rejected. What are you even saying as someone who's never been rejected!?
Jinan: Someone please turn off June's mic

Jinan: ○○-chan, you're really cute tho?
June: You're very cute. You should have confidence in yourself. There are lots of other guys in this world.

Bobby: Listen to the voice of your heart, not the voice of your head. Please make your decision after listening to the voice of your heart.

Q: I've just been employed, but I don't know if the work's really what I want to do
June: Everybody is working, but do you think everyone is doing what they like to do (as their job)? People work because they have to work.
Some people like their job, but there are also some people who work coz they have to make money. I think you will understand as soon as you achieve various experience.

Chanu: I like my job
Jinan: Do you have any regrets?
Chanu: None. I've met a lot of nice people while I'm working.

The floor got wet so the staff along with Bobby and Donghyuk started mopping it really hard. Yunhyeong used a towel and mopped a spot that wasn't even wet. And then everyone followed suit and mopped the floor.
Bob: iKON is awesome huh~!
Bobby kept helping and thanking staff

June: I would like to cut down the amount of time for the advice/consultation game
Jinan: We should talk about that later in the changing room?

June said that a relative that he's really close with is living in Hiroshima. He also said that this relative of his wanted to marry a local Hiroshima woman.

Bobdong appeared with different hairdo for the 1st and 2nd fanmeetings
1st they let their hair down
2nd, Dong put on a hairband and Bobby tied his hair
The reason, they said, was because they wanted to see iKONICs' faces properly (they couldn't when they had their hair down)

Some quotes from Junhoe:
• The most important thing in life is to keep living until life ends
• There may be things you lose in life / you may lose sometimes in life
• Love can be found in many places and in many different forms.
• Some people work doing the job they love, some other work because they need to make a living. I think it's good to have a lot of different experience.

Words to make iKONICs' heart thump?
Bobby: I don't know the recipes how to cook different food, but tell me how to put on a smile on iKONICs' faces
An excuse you say when you're late for an appointment/date
Chanu: I was thinking of you and my heart stopped, that's why I was late
Yunhyeong: May I kiss you? (And then he pretended to kiss June who was acting as the girl)
Magical words to say to appease your jealous girlfriend
Jinan: Are u jealous? If you're jealous than I'm gonna be jealous too(?) I like you
Yun: (Goes to pretend to kiss June again)
Dong: (Caresses the girl)
Bob says smth about not being able to watch coz it's like caressing your own sister or family

Chanu: You're jealous! You're jealous?! ... Please marry me!
Jinan: I have no idea what you're trying to say, but to get married... sounds good.

Credit photos to owner on watermark

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