191124 Yunhyeong IG Live

Video credit : gnhwan_

Trans by syh_bae

Yunhyeong: Yesterday was my first flight as cabin crew. It was nerve wracking and I was nervous all the way. But thanks to everyone who kept supporting and watching over, I can make it to Kaohsiung

Yunhyeong: I am now filming for Cabin Crew. But who am I normally? Chef Song right! Therefore I am going to make breakfast for the crews and here I am at one of Kaohsiung market to find the ingredients at this early morning

Yunhyeong: I am going to cook 3 dishes for breakfast today. Kimchi fried rice also egg drop soup. And yesterday Hyunjoon sunbae said he wants to eat bok choy so I am going to buy it and make a delicious stir fry bok choy

Yunhyeong: I am doing ig live today not as iKON member but as Cabin Crew youngest member

Yunhyeong: I cannot buy anything in the market. I didn’t have translator with me and I dont know chinese.

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