Jinhwan: Which hyung do you like the most Chanwoo?
Chanwoo: Hyung? My real brother 😂
Bobby: Apart from your real brother who do you like the most?
Chanwoo: June Hyung
Members: June is a hyung?
Chanwoo: Oh you didn’t know? 😂

Junhoe: if you want to receive this gift (the decorated album by them) you will need to love yourself first

chanwoo: i saw on sns that so many people were worried about me, but please don't! i'm not hurt

Jinhwan: what about you Chanwoo
Chanwoo: i also uploaded on my SNS that's I'm alright. I'm fine. iKON is all healthy.

CW: Jinhwan-ssi how have you been?
JH: Me? Recently i’ve been scolded too many times by Chanwoo...so i’m happy


Jinhwan: pls finish your customise album quick . This isn't a customized broadcast. We need to answer the questions too
Junhoe: I'll get this done quick

question: what was the happiest moment?
jinhwan: when i'm on stage

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