[Photos] iKON for 2018 School Attack on SBS FunE 181022

#Let's start the infiltration mission?
Members have to complete the mission
There's discussion on the discussion

# Mission success is confirmed on the air!
Let's meet the members close by ♥
First, Kim Jin-hwan!
Attractive double eyelids eye.

# Koo Junhoe snatches eye on this day
A tongue-bending subconscious
Sexy and cute!
I can not take my eyes off.

# Serious Kim Donghyuk
After a while......

# Put your hand as microphone in his mouth
So full of Aegyo

# Bobby said that even on this day, ~

Your laugh is so cute
Panic shakes

# Song Yun-hyung is also always wonderful!
Wearing an impressive jacket
Dandy charm shedding ~
The smile is for you.

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[Fun Room] 'School Attack' iKON, capturing 1mm members 

 [SBS funE ㅣ reporter Lee Jung-ah] 'School Attack 2018' starts the second semester (season 2)

Second semester (Season 2) The first attack star is the iKON (iKON). iKON attacked a school in Seoul on August 29th!

At 3:30 pm on that day, the sirens sounded, and this school was so crowded with shouts. I received the most favored application form that I want the iKON to attack school!

Not only that, there was a change in the MC corps as we started the second semester (season 2). Since Joey of Momoland of Hong Il Lee has announced his intention to get off, G-Friend member Yerin joined the MC and greeted for the first time!

The first broadcast to announce the start of the second semester is SBS funE at 9 pm on October 22, and SBS MTV 8:30 pm on the 23rd.

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