BOBBY for League of Legends Rehearsal

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Real recognize real. Nothing but love yung @bobbyindaeyo . Respect 🙏 #ikonbobby #ikon #worlds2018


Rise team 🇰🇷 Final rehearsal today was a success. Tomorrow we go live ✊ @ooah @editbeats @telletwa@bobbyindaeyo @boreta @wearemako .
#worlds2018 #leagueoflegends

Day 1 of rehearsals for @LeagueOfLegends #Worlds2018 w/ my boys @bobbyranika and @WeAreMako 🌊

RISE is a song that not only inspires people but crosses genre boundaries seamlessly. The energy of it live is massive and we’re bringing you the craziest performance 🤘🏼


“this is what it’s like when worlds collide”

w/ @bobbyindaeyo day 1 🌊 🌊 🌊

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