iKON BOBBY, Idol Rapper Who Rap Like a Beast with Cool Lyrics and Energy

“iKON rapper Bobby is an idol thats ahead of his time. He raps like a beast w/ cool lyrics & energy. He is in gap btwn idol & hip hop.“

“In pop culture ‘rough but true man’ is often overlooked. Bobby has the power to jump over this cliche.”

iKON Rapper, Bobby's voice is husky. Metallic echoing reminds me of a subtle, sexy voice. But Bobby's Husky is just like he's been throat for a while. At that time, we experience the sound of the vocal cords not sounding properly. Bobby's rap or song is like that. Sometimes it sounds like you are skipping or mocking one character in the middle. In that gap, a groove that is difficult to control permeates.

He rapps like a beast that throws evil in every direction. There is a cool spine in the aggressive energy with cool lyrics. Then he sing the impression with a frown. Maybe he is in the gap between idol and hip-hop. So it is not easy for him to devote himself to the temptation when he decides to 'play tonight'. He feel like a friend who does not have to be bored to play with him if we are together with a great accident.

Bobby often expect a nasty but deep side from such friends. Bobby's character is also in iKON's album or in his solo album "Love And Fall". He wants to run away because he has learned to be responsible ('Runaway'), feels hurt and considers the requirement for 'fair separation,' and feels skeptical about love relationships, but "I love you"). His main singing is the emotional gap created by conflict.

This is where Bobby's contemplative tone stands out. He explores the identity of his feelings before parting ('Killing Me'). In '텐데,' one wants to love one's ambiguous partner, but analyzes it. The alcohol, the propensity to be, and the potential for this relationship. Though he is running fiercely outside, Bobby's words keep turning inward. He is a person who is observing his own contradictions. Based on it, he sing romance, sensuality, and friendliness.

In popular culture, 'the dirty but true man' has become common. People consumed in scenarios for justice, knowledge, or devotion. Bobby had the power to jump over the cliche. This is because the character's introverted personality traits are in the color of self-reflection in love, outland and desire. The depth of such a three-dimensional feeling makes Bobby's voice sound "Real Exhaust." That's why he wants to see what kind of adult he will grow, even if he doesn't agree with himself sometimes. Wait, isn't that a great idol?

Source : Asain KR

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