iKON on MBN Forum Y 2019 (Heroes of Youth)

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iKON (Singer) / Cultural Hero 
iKON is K-pop boy group and has topped six major online musc charts and Apple iTunes album charts in 25 regions, including Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Greece, Hongkong and Indonesia with their recent album. Just one year after their debut in 2015, they have made history as a new international artist in Japan by holding dome tour. They released their second album "Return" in 2018. The megahit song "Love Scenario" from the album topped major music charts for 43 days. Loved by all generations, the song has created the Love Scenario Syndrome, prompting many kindergartners and alementary schoolers to post their cover song videos on social media. iKON won the Digitang Song of The Year Award at the prestigious Goden Disc Awards in 2018.
Trans by : @koojunhstyles

  • iKON: went through thick and thin, had to go through cutthroat survival shows, been called names, but rose like a phoenix
  • BI: songwriter of the year, carried a large weight in his shoulders at a young age
  • Bobby: king of youth, broke the idol-rapper stigma, became a versatile artist, not greedy
  • Junhoe: has a free mind, writes poems that are relatable, vocal to his opinion even though people throw rocks at him bc of it, not afraid to show his potential
  • Jinhwan: a caring mathyung that worries about others first, has a very creative mind that is useful when they're thinking of new content, pushes himself to learn more
  • Donghyuk: started as someone who still hasnt found his "character" in teamb, now in charge of choreography,wise, kind, godfearing, humble, sweet, a big ball of sunshine.
  • Yunhyeong: goldenhearted man, always grateful, doesn't mind going extents for his fans, went from being someone who cant sing and dance to being one of the best vocalist
  • Chanwoo: joined iKON with so much doubt in himself but always pushed forward and worked hard for his place. a dongsaeng that cares for his hyungs, opened a yt channel to reach out to his fans more, an actor, and even earned hyundai and samsung collabs. 

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