Jinhwan and June on KStyle News For New Kids Japan Ver : iKON、JAYとJU-NEスペシャル動画インタビュー!2人が最近覚えた日本語は?「小栗旬さんのインタビューで…

(Trans by @hinazashi on Twitter)

Jinhwan: To everyone watching Kstyle, I'm iKON's Jay
June: And I'm June

Q: Please tell us which song you like best from the New Kids album, on sale on 2/27.

June: Yes. I like "Jerk." Because it's our only blues song. I like that feeling.

Jinhwan: I like "Goodbye Road." Because the lyrics are really beautiful, so it's my personal favorite.

Q: The Jinhwan Dance in "Killing Me" is a hot topic. Please tell us what you dance well.

Jinhwan: The members [Donghyuk?] made the dance, but it's called the Jinhwan Dance...

inhwan: The lines are important for this dance. You become one and like,  like this, doing it like this is important.

Q: In February, Jinhwan went to Okinawa and June went to Hakone. How was it?

June: I mean, it's an onsen, right? I went to a place famous for onsen... I drank the whole time.
Jinhwan: When I went, it was winter, so since it was cold, I couldn't go in the water.

Jinhwan: But it's a place with really beautiful sunsets, so I drank while looking at the sunset, right?
June: Yeah, you did.

Q: What Japanese have you learned recently?

June: I watched an Oguri Shun interview, and in it, the MC was like "mikake ni yoranai yo ne." I didn't know what it meant at all. (points to Jinhwan) He's actually cheerful. Even though he doesn't look it [mikake ni yoranai].

Jinhwan: June felt "imotare" [uncomfortably full] earlier, and that's the first time I ever heard that word.
June: (nodding, embarrassed laugh)
Jinhwan: Imotare.
June: Mm, I'm a bit better now.

Q: Please tell us your 2019 goals.

June: These days I'm studying Japanese in Korea and Japan. I'm really working hard at it, so this year I want to get perfect and appear on various shows and do various activities.

Jinhwan: I'd like to do a lot of activities in Japan this year, so I'd like to go on a lot of shows too.

Jinhwan: Please check out iKON news on Kstyle too~ This was
Jinhwan & June: iKON~

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