Forbes : 'Fortnite' How To Get The Ultra-Rare K-Pop Skin

It's not quite as flashy as last year's Galaxy skin, but it's sure to sell some phones nonetheless. Samsung just announced the Galaxy S10 Plus, a new handset with attractive features for mobile gamers like a new processor that's supposed to mean better performance on demanding games like, you guessed it, Fortnite. And the company has partnered with Epic for a new exclusive skin to throw in the mix as well, adding to the ever-growing list of platform-exclusive cosmetics that would make a theoretically complete Fortnite collection fantastically expensive. It's called iKon, modeled after Jung Chanwoo from the group iKon. Check it out below:

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2 Responses to "Forbes : 'Fortnite' How To Get The Ultra-Rare K-Pop Skin"

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