iKON for CanCam TV Japan

(Credit translate by : ggumiseul)

Q: the most hardworking person?
hanbin: yunhyeong
jinhwan: yunhyeong
bobby: jinhwan
yunhyeong: donghyuk
junhoe: yunhyeong
donghyuk: yunhyeong
chanwoo: hanbin
Q: who’s the best sleeper?
hanbin: bobby
jinhwan: bobby
bobby: hanbin
yunhyeong: hanbin
junhoe: hanbin
donghyuk: bobby
chanwoo: hanbin
Q: who loves to act cute the most?
hanbin: jinhwan
jinhwan: jinhwan
bobby: donghyuk (?)
yunhyeong: chanwoo
junhoe: jinhwan
donghyuk: jinhwan
chanwoo: jinhwan
Q: who’s the most handsome guy?
hanbin: yunhyeong
jinhwan: jinhwan
bobby: yunhyeong
yunhyeong: yunhyeong
junhoe: junhoe
donghyuk: donghyuk
chanwoo: chanwoo

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