iKON in SXSW Austin, Texas 2019

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1. Killing Me
2.Rhythm Ta
4. Love Scenario
5. My Type
6. Bling- Bling
7. B-Day
8 . Freedom
9. Bling - Bling
10. LS (encore)

Facts : 
@jiwonsmuse : When I say it was the wildest night of my life, I mean it. More or less than 200 ikonics and I can't believe only that many ikonics were able to make this shit this insane. Bobby kept repeating how crazy the crowd was.

@GGiKONic : iKON Reactions at SXSW
Yunhyeong- Teared up looking at the crowd full of ikonics.
Bobby- gave use a sweet big smile, he was so proud to see a venue full of iKONICs
Donghyuk, Jinhwan, June, Chanwoo- were also shocked but also so happy

@jiwonsmuse : So apparently SXSW is an event where the artists are not paid to perform. Rather, they are the ones who come here, invest on it themselves and perform for us. It makes me so emotional just knowing that iKON wasn't paid to be here, they are here to see US ikonics.

@beibeibin : True, however iKON’s performance is sponsored by KOCCA. At minimum, they provided flight and hotel.

Interview : iKON in SXSW Interview : South Korean boy band touches down for first U.S. performance


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