190428 Chanwoo on CH+ : I Want To Appear in Drama Again

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Chanwoo: I’ll wait for a while for most of you guys to come in then i’ll start talking a bit.

Chanwoo: I heard that Hanbin did a vlive yesterday. I’m here after being appointed as the next member to do the live from Junhoe.

Chanwoo: Ah please don’t spoil about the Avengers. You can’t do that.

Chanwoo had dinner with Hanbin today.

Chanwoo: I like groot.

Chanwoo: Ah yes, Yunhyeong’s Youtube channel will be open on the 30/4. What’s the date today? Is it in a day or tomorrow?

Chanwoo: Did i bring game? Yes of course i did. I have my laptop right here. My height? I don’t think i’ll grow anymore taller after this...?

Chanwoo: Okay lets stop talking about Webtoon. I feel like if we continue it won’t end. I know too much webtoon and there’s so much webtoon too. Let’s move on to another topic.

Chanwoo: Do i still play fortnite? Yeah i still do but because these days we’re so busy with recordings and schedules, so i don’t have much time to play games.

Chanwoo: There’s a lot of people talking about dramas. Yeah i do want to appear in a drama again. I always say i’ll do it soon but it doesn’t happen so i’m sorry. BUT it working really hard to be able to appear in a drama soon so please wait for a while.

Chanwoo: I don’t usually watch football but because my friend is a huge fan of Chelsea so I kinda follow along and now i’m also a fan of Chelsea.

Chanwoo: I used to play escape room a lot back in the days but these days we’ve been so busy that i had not much time to play there. It’s really fun to play there.

Chanwoo: I don’t think i can do the first pitch for another club besides LG because i’m a really huge fan of LG so...

Chanwoo: It won’t lag anymore now because i’m using my data. Is it lagging? No? Oh good because i’m using my data

Chanwoo: Okay i’ll reveal who the next member is.I changed my mind mid way...
I was gonna say it’s Jinhwan but i changed my mind so the next heroine for the vapp relay is Bobby.

next comeback: chanwoo will dye his hair and will wear glasses

chanwoo: am i going to dye my hair? ah ill dye my hair for the next comeback. im growing a lot of white hair lately.

Chanwoo: Please anticipate for Bobby’s next vlive. I know a lot of you guys are waiting for us to have a comeback too. We are working hard on it so please wait a bit more. If you haven’t subscribed to Chanwoo Sari yet please subscribe to it. Look forward for the next video! Bye~~

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