190502 Bobby on VLIVE : Hing

Trans by Bynhyuk

Bobby: I started v app but I don’t know what to talk about! I was nominated by Chanwoo

Bobby: What am I supposed to say? What do the others say? Ah v app is so scary..I find it scary because all of a sudden so many people are paying attention to you

Bobby’s The fanmeetings are nice because it’s amazing to see that many people come to see us.. to think that that many people know my name

Bobby: I washed my hair! I wash my scalp diligently! I just washed my hair before coming on

Bobby: Raon is doing well! He’s growing bigger by the day it’s so interesting

Bobby: I came back from playing catch ball with Chanwoo. I’m too lazy to leave for dinner so I’m having a sandwich

Bobby: If I get married in the future, not sure if I’ll be able to, I want three kids. Son-daughter-son

Bobby: I think I’m doing well with v live. I’m only going to do this for 30 minutes and 10 minutes already passed by like that!

Donghyuk is spamming Bobby’s katalk lol

Bobby: Whether for boys or girls, what’s important is their charm. I don’t care much about handsomeness but they must have charm

Bobby: Advice to someone that wants to be an idol? Think about why. It’s okay to have a simple reason like “it’s fun” but in the future, consider the hardships as well. Think carefully about if it being fun will be enough to get you through the hard stuff.

Bobby: Who to nominate? Hanbin? Okay! jinhwan? AHHHH Jinhwan? Hanbin? I’m going crazy, anyone do it. Hanbin will do it and Jinhwan will do it eventually.

Bobby: Please praise me I did well! I did 30 minutes.

Bobby: Bye! Happy New Year everyone!

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